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Ensenada Mexico Hotels

Lisa asks…

Where are rooms 50 dollars and less in tijuana and ensenada? How can I find homeless shelters in Mexico?

Where are some places in tijuana and in ensenada to live at 50 dollars a month or less?
Where are some homeless shelters at in Ensenada and San Felipe?

Tijuana answers:

The only idea it comes to my mind is going to “Moteles” those are paid by hours and tend to be cheaper than hotels, most of though are in the outside of the cities, the cost is around 20 usd and can be rented by 12 hours tops. Some are much better than regular cheap hotels

Nancy asks…

How safe is Ensenada, Mexico for young american women?

A friend of mine is going to Ensenada on monday. She will be going another friend and her friend’s mother. They will be staying with the friend’s family not in a hotel. My friend would definitely stand out since she’s blonde and very attractive. How safe would she be if she didnt go out at night and never went anywhere by herself? It would be helpful to get some input from americans who’ve have stayed in the residential areas and not in the hotels.

Tijuana answers:

Lots of Mexicans have white skin and blond hair don’t worry to much she will fit it some go into acting don’t worry about this stuff ok? Or no?

Donna asks…

Is there any Americans,who i can contact, who live and work in Ensanada, Mexico,and have a dual citizenship?

I want to know if if anyone from U.S. is now a Citizen of Mexico and or have a dual Citizenship (w/ U.S.), And has a job ,or had one there? And if i may contact them .I would like to know what kinds of jobs are available there. I am planning on going there soon and I want to be prepared,dont want any surprizes coming up after i get there.

Tijuana answers:

I grew up there. Do you want dual cit. So you can work? Do you speak Spanish? What are your skills? How long do you want to go? You can try applying at the Hotel Coral & Marina, its a very high end resort that may be more flexible and hire if you are very presentable (ie clean cut no tats or nose rings). I am not sure if Craigslist has an Ensenada page, they might under “Tijuana”. Its worth a try. Or call UABC the local university and ask around.

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