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Ensenada Mexico Safety

Sharon asks…

Is this cruise going to be dangerous?

Im going on a cruise to mexico in 3 weeks from monday and im worried that the shooting of tourists might be happening ensenada.. is it safe or should i stay on the ship?

Tijuana answers:

I seriously doubt it. Ensenada is a popular cruise destination, so one would imagine that the local authorities would really be on patrol. I also agree with the comment about the drug lords and international investigation because if they go around shooting at tourists, they would face more “heat” and the entire world will know about it. It doesnt make sense for them to do it…

Dont worry about it, you will probably be really safe…just use basic common safety sense (like the ones that you use in downtown NYC or something)

George asks…

Safety traveling by bus to & staying in Ensenada, Mexico?

My friends & I went to Ensenada, Mexico two times last year, once in February, once in August. We went with our friend who has family there, so he knew his way around & everything, even though we stayed on the same street the whole time because our hotel was walking distance from the clubs & such. We had absolutely no problem, everyone was so nice, we didn’t even see so much as one cop car the whole time, we were never in any danger, nothing. Well, now we want to go back in April for four people’s birthdays, so we’re going in a big group. We just started planning it & we’re really excited. The problem is, my friend just messaged me & said that his girlfriend just got back from Rosarita today & she told him not to go because Tijuana, Rosarita, & Ensenada all have curfews & no one’s allowed out past dark & that people are getting murdered all the time & that there’s military everywhere in the streets. But the weird thing is, I can’t find anything like that online, & my friend goes there to visit family all the time & just got back a couple weeks ago & is planning on going back next week & stuff. So I just figure he wouldn’t want to go back & would let us know if that was the case. I know that Tijuana isn’t the safest, we never stay there, all we do is switch buses there [we do NOT drive ourselves, we ride greyhound buses from San Diego to Tijuana, then Tijuana to Ensenada. We just feel safer that way!]. But I’ve never heard or seen problems in Ensenada. Please help me! We really don’t want to cancel our trip for nothing. And PLEASE only answer if you know. Don’t just guess.

Tijuana answers:

As i said in your other question:

Just cross and drive in day until you pass tijuana and rosarito.

I live here in ensenada, and, here it still beeing safe, you can go out in night for dinner, dancing, etc.

Just use common sense, do not bring jewerly, a lot of cash money, expensive electronic accesories, etc.

Feel welcome when you want to come.

I strongly recomend the mardi grass, from 19-24 february.

Regards from Ensenada :p

Thomas asks…

Upcoming Carnival cruise questions?

My hubby and I are going on a carnival Cruise in may 2011 to Catalina, Ca and Ensenada Mexico and have booked 2 shore excursions but i have a few questions for former cruise guests that have done the excursions or know about the excursions we have booked. we have booked the beginners scuba diving adventure, and the ensenada city and shopping tour.

1. how deep is the scuba diving for beginners.
2. is scuba diving easy?
3. how fun is it to scuba dive at avalon?
4. do those underwater disposable cameras work well?

now for the questions about ensenada

1. how interesting is the city and shopping tour
2. which ensenada shops sell authentic mexican pottery?
3. how much does shopping cost in ensenada? is it reasonable cheap
4. and most importanly how much money should we plan on taking for 5 day trip.
5. also what about safety with money in mexico?


Tijuana answers:

I went on a 5 days cruise on carnival…… But to cozumel and progresso…. If you are a drinker be prepared to spend alot of money on booze as for sodas and stuff u can get tea,juice’s and water from the kitchens for free i drink alot of water/tea so i was good there but spent like 300 at the casino like 200-300 in the port of calls my most expensive thing was my alcohol…..oh and u might wanna take like 20 bucks in small bills so tip ur room service people its not required but you can tell the appreciate it… But all together take like 200-300extra in cash and have another 500-700 on a debit card since you pay for everything on the boat with your room key cards that also serve as a credit card that u pay at the end of the cruise.(also i would recommend taking small bills when u get to your port of calls cause i had trouble finding places to get change) a beer is like 5 bucks a mix drink was like 10…… And if you have kids im sure they like soda so thats extra fees……

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