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Ensenada Mexico Safety

Sandy asks…

Cruise to Ensenada, Mexico with an 18 month old….?

I have a 4 day cruise coming up in September. This is our first time and I will be taking my 18 month old daughter who is still not walking but can crawl really fast. I fear when I put her on the bed because she likes to get to the edge and roll herself off.
So my question is aside from a total cancellation of a trip, Which is not going to Happen, and a Child Safety Harness, Which im deffinitly getting, does anyone have any other good suggestions how to keep her safe and all of us to still have lots of fun, but not have to contain her in a stroller.
I already read the policy on the cruise ships kids daycare and the child has to be 3 yrs or older.

Tijuana answers:

My daughter first stood up while on a cruise! The cruise company should be able to provide you with a crib and/or playpen for the baby. Check it over carefully as they may not meet current US safety standards for slat width, pinch points etc. A collapsible unit might be the better option to bring with you.

Definitely take the baby to dinner with you. Cruise staff are under contract and away from their families for many months at a time … They love babies; it reminds them of home.

If you hire in-cabin baby sitting at any time, personally interview them beforehand, exercise caution and be very clear that ONLY the babysitter is allowed in cabin. We had one instance where the babysitter had her shipmate/co-worker boyfriend ‘visit’ her. RJ

Mandy asks…

Ensenada Travel Safety 2011 ?

I’m supposed to be going to Ensenada next weekend for my friend’s birthday. We would be staying a couple nights in a very nice hotel. I’m the only American girl in the group…blonde hair and everything. My family especially has some safety concerns and are wondering if it’s a good idea, or if I’m going to end up on the news. I want to go so badly, but safety is a big concern! I’m sure we would be fine, but you never know… please let me know on any safety information you have!
Thanks 🙂

Tijuana answers:


I live near Ensenada… I have blonde hair and blue eyes and am perfectly comfortable here. There have been few if any problems in this area of Baja, and none for quite some time. In truth, the problem is over in Cuidad Juarez along the Texas border, and isolated cases elsewhere. The majority of Mexico is safe and welcoming.

Of course, that does not mean any place in the world is crime free. If you drink to excess in infamiliar surroundings and with strange people, bad things can happen. There are people who will do you harm anywhere, and I presume you will avoid situations such as these… Particularly when you are in a foreign land.

You don’t absolutely have to have a passport, but of course why Americans don’t have passports is a mystery. It is considered normal in most places around the world… But if you take a state issued photo ID and copy of your birth certificate, you will be re-admitted to the US.

Just normal advice: pay attention to your surroundings… Blend in/try not to stand out. Have fun and stay with your friends.

Ensenada is lovely, and we are having some great weather now! Right along the Pacific coast… Our weather is similar to San Diego. The crime rate in Baja is actually lower every year… And has not been a hot-bed of drug cartel violence. If you have no interaction with drug cartels, dealers, or users, you should have a good and safe time.

Daniel asks…

Should I visit Mexico?

I know it is unsafe there right now but I live in southern california and it seems a shame not to ever see Mexico, are there any safe cities?? Nearly drove to TJ without doing any research!!

Tijuana answers:

I live in Tijuana, and I would recommend you to visit. Be careful with your stuff, don’t walk alone on the streets, don’t drive drunk, and you don’t have to worry about your safety. It got bad here in 2008 so that may be why you’re worried, but it’s gotten much better and as long as you exercise common sense you should have no problem.

There’s honestly not a lot to see here as a tourist, but the night life and the food are both very good. A ton of small gourmet cafes and restaurants are popping up everywhere, they’re delicious and inexpensive. A couple of blocks in the downtown area have very popular bars/clubs with cheap beer and good music, but I wouldn’t recommend going there for your first time in the city, because other than those two or three blocks, downtown isn’t a place you want to be at night, and I think you’d want to get a hang of how things work here before venturing there. There are several more upscale clubs in the city, you could go to those instead.

You could drive further south to Ensenada or Rosarito to see some tourist attractions and try the seafood, or eat lobster at Puerto Nuevo.

Enlist the help of a spanish speaking friend if you can, and go for it. You’ll have fun and get to know it here (:

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