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Ensenada Mexico Safety

Thomas asks…

Would you travel to Mexico on a cruise within the next year?

I am looking to take a Carnival cruise, my fam and I are sister-in-law wants to go too and she keeps suggesting Ensenada and Catalina Cruise..but I don’t know what to think about going to Mexico within the next year..we already are having so many issues with them as Americans…what are your opinions? Any other cruise line suggestions..I want to go prob 3 or 4 nights, has to be pretty afforable (me, my husband and 2 yr old)..all inclusive would be nice.
Yeah, I’m not too comfortable, I just wanted others thoughts. I’m thinking the Bahama or Caribbean cruise. They have some pretty good deals..then I just need to look into flights into their port cities. We live in Utah!

Tijuana answers:

I wouldn’t worry about taking a cruise to Mexico. I went on a cruise to Mexico 2 years ago, but wouldn’t hesitate to go again now.

A cruise is pretty much all inclusive, except for tips, alcohol, soft drinks and shore excursions. – Your lodging is your cabin on the ship and all of your meals are included. Juice, milk, coffee, tea and water are included in your meals, but alcohol and soft drinks are extra.

You can arrange your shore excursions through the ship if you are worried about your safety. All of the excursions you book through the ship are thoroughly vetted to be reliable, safe vendors. There is a charge for booking excursions through the ship or you can live dangerously and just get off the ship and wander around the area near the dock which is usually safe and geared toward ship passengers with lots of shopping and things to see.

As far as the political climate – The people in Mexico are happy to see the tourist dollars come in and are very hospitable and welcoming. If people in the US visit and help their economy more Mexicans will be able to make a living in their own country instead of becoming illegals in the US to try to earn some money.

I included a link to a website with more information and photos from the cruise I went on to Mexico so you can get an idea of what it was like to help you decide.

Ken asks…

Driving from California to Ensenada in Baja?

Going to Baja for a weekend and will be staying in a gated area in Ensenada. I have a few concerns about the drive over and need advice from anyone who’s been down there recently. Will be crossing late afternoon so what is traffic like? I have a few options on cars to drive over. I have a new subaru sti (cali plate) which I believe is out of the question or a older looking jeep which I’m leaning toward but it has a idaho license plate. I dont plan to drive a lot in mexico, I just want to get to my friends place and stay there and then drive back when I want to leave. Is it safe right now to go? I’ve done the drive before a few years back so I don’t think I would get lost driving down. Any info/advice greatly appreciated. Please no disrespectful answers. Thanks

Tijuana answers:

I’ve been there last December with my wife and plan to go back to Tijuana in November to visit her relatives. In the evening and late afternoon, traffic will back up; so I recommend going through Otay Mesa or Tecate, depending on how far east of San Ysidro you’re at. Otay Mesa is about 6 miles east and Tecate, another 35 miles. You have less wait time going south and can get on Calle Bella Artes going east to “carretera 2000” which curves south past the two nude stone statues to where the highway libre (free) goes east to Tecate or southwest to Rosarito and then Ensenada.
As to safety, yes it’s safe, usually in the day time and so is the driving (with no animals on the road) heading south to Rosarito and then Ensenada.

William asks…

is baja mexico safe….?

i wanna go there for vacation this summer. is it safe for me?

Tijuana answers:

Hola. The Baja is over 1000 kms long, so what part of Baja are you staying? If you are picking Tijuana or Ensenada, you must exercise caution. If you are staying anywhere from Guerro Neegro (spelled wrong on purpose) to La Paz, then the safety is fairly good, and then if you are staying in the resort town of Cabo, it is pretty good. The farther down you go the safer it is.

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