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Ensenada Mexico Weather

James asks…

Could you grow a coconut tree in Ensenada, Mexico with the aid of irrigation?

If not, where in Baja can you?

Tijuana answers:

You can grow them in Coastal Souther California.
Ensenada is farther south, by the ocean for good humidity and warmer weather, so even better.

Richard asks…

what is the weather like in baja mexico during october?

I’ve booked a Carnival Cruise for Oct 6-10 porting from Long Beach, CA to Baja Mexico. We will be going to Ensenada and Catalina Island. I decide to book this trip because it was cheaper compared to other rates throughout the year. So what’s the weather like? Is there going to be sun? Hot? At least I hope it will be sunny and hot. But now I’m beginning to think there is a catch to why it was so cheap in October.

Tijuana answers:

October is one of the nicest months in Ensenada. It’s usually still pretty nice and warm and the water is still warm. Also usually at that time of year down there the air is crystal clear. You can see the islands which are 10 miles offshore no problem. As far as being hot, Ensenada is like San Diego, it rarely gets super hot because it’s right on the ocean. But you can expect 75 -80 degree days in October. That’s not unusual. The fares are cheaper because the tourist season is summer. They want to encourage more people to take the cruise in October to fill up their boat therefore you end up getting a good deal. You’ll have a blast..

Mark asks…

how long does it take to drive to Mexico from LA?

and where in Mexico is best to go from there? I am fascinated by the Aztecs and would like to see some historic places, but also to go shopping – where is good if we want to travel from LA for one night and then go back? Will we have enough time to see enough? and what the weather be like in early Dec?
any other info that I might need welcome too.

Tijuana answers:

Wow. I have some bad news backed up with some good advice.

First.. The bad news… The Aztec Empire was in the southern most portions of Mexico. So you will not be driving to any of them. It would be like driving from Alaska to Los Angeles. Not going to happen in one day.

Now the good news… There is plenty to do in Rosarito and Puerto Nuevo. Two towns you can drive to from LA as a day trip. It will take approximately 4 hours to get to Rosarito. This includes stopping for the bathroom, to buy insurance at the border, etc…

You can buy insurance online. And get a much better rate. I used to get mine. It cost me $100 to not only insure the car but also my family for health insurance.

I would suggest you rent a condo and not get a room at a hotel. Go to and lookup Mexican hotels for reasons why. Basically, the staff steals your belongings while the security looks the other way.

A good place to lookup condos and houses for rent at rates of $125 to $400 a night is:

Notice rates will often say per week. So don’t flip out on the sticker shock of $650. In the off season they will let you do 1 or 2 nights at $125 each. You will get a furnished condo. I have stayed many times in the La Jolla Towers condos. All of them were excellent.

After settling in Rosarito, fire up the car and go south to Puerto Nuevo (the lobster village). You will have an excellent time. If you really like to drive you can go further south for about another hour and arrive in Ensenada. And if you go another 20 minutes south you can see the blow hole, La Bufadora.


Museum of Playas de Rosarito…

Foxploration (Set where the Titanic was shot)

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