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Ensenada Mexico Weather

Laura asks…

Have you taken a Carnival cruise from Long Beach, CA to Enseneda Mexico? If so, how was it?

Please advise if you would recommend it. Thanks.

Tijuana answers:

My husband (fiance at the time) went on that same cruise in April of 2002 while the weather was nice. Unfortunately we didn’t get off at Catalina Island because the ship stopped a distance from the Island. We had to take a small ferry from the ship to the Island, which was why we didn’t get off (I was a little freaked out by that). We also didn’t get off in Ensenada because my husband was a little worried (not sure why). While the ship was at port they did have some shops, which we did get off and look around.

Also, this was our first time on a cruise and we didn’t know we had to have a credit card in order to purchase things on the ship (good thing we took one ‘in case’).

Sandra asks…

Where can i find out the weather for Ensenada mexico this weekend?

Tijuana answers:

Go to and type in Ensenada, BC. Then ask for the 6-10 day extended forecast.

Looks like it’s sunny all week in the 70s, partly cloudy on Saturday with a high of 67, then possible showers on Sunday with a high of 61. But it’s not easy to forecast that far in the future, so it might change as the weekend comes closer.

Daniel asks…

What will the weather be like in Ensenada, Mexico the weekend of March 27th?

Tijuana answers:

It’s difficult to say in advance. But the weather for the past two weeks has been pretty nice. It’s sometimes cool and windy, and some days sunny and warm. No rain in the past two weeks. Generally, you’ll be ok in a sweater – and on warmer days you can walk around in a tshirt and on cooler days you’ll need a jacket.

In a couple of days, you’ll be able to see a forecast here:

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