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Ensenada Mexico Weather

Sandra asks…

ensenada, mexico, weather in december??

I’m want to go on this really cheap, but fun cruise, which stops in ensenada, mexico for a day, and then back to the seas. But I want to know the weather in december.

Please and thank you.

Tijuana answers:

It’s a bit chilly….. A bit of a breeze passes by. Two years ago it rained. So i would take a sweater. Ensenada is a port town. There are no actual beaches unless you drive there, but off of the main strip you wont find them. Anyways when you get off the ship, you’ll end up going straight to the bars and stores, so you wont even feel the cold since you’ll either be inside or walking alot.

Have fun….I love Ensenada….you have to try their fish taco. Since hey are a port town, ALL their seafood is fresh, don’t be afraid of getting sick. And trust me, the best food are at the carts on the street or the small mom n pop restaurant/stands. The larger restaurants will overcharge you for mediocre food. Have fun….

Steven asks…

Has anyone been on a Cruise to Mexico in January before Or?

If you haven’t cruised but live in the port areas(see below) can you tell me what the weather is like in January? I am just curious because I have no idea what to wear on my cruise on the 15th to the 19th of January. The ports are Los Angeles, San Diego, Catalina Island, Ensenada, and Los Angeles again. Any ideas? capris, shorts, tank tops or long sleeve and jeans? Thank you
What about shoes? what shoes go well with capris? I know flip flops are good but do they allow those on excurisons?

Tijuana answers:

Been on that one 3 times in 3 different years .. It,s cool in port and cold at night at sea. Nice in Ensenada every time i have been there.. Yahoo weather can get you to a 10 day forcast..I say a light coat …wear it on wear it off..don’t have to pack it and may be nice to have..

Susan asks…

In March, what is the average temperature in Ensenada, Mexico? Cabo San Lucus?

I’m going there with my family for spring break, and I just wanted to know if it was going to be hot, or just as cold as it is here in AZ.

Tijuana answers:

Ensenada in march are going to enjoy the weather is a little cool at night but during the day is about 70-80 enjoy it and have lots of fun

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