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Ensenada Mexico Weather

Lizzie asks…

how is the weather in Ensenada Mexico in early March?

My family and I are thinking about booking a cruise during this time and I dont want it to be too cold. 🙂 Thank you for your input!

Tijuana answers:

The Baja Peninsula begins to warm up in mid-February so a cruise in March . Take a light jacket for cool evenings. Its only a 3 day cruise so I wouldn`t worry too much.

Obviously Kiely does Not know where Ensenada is. It is about as Far away from Mexico city as you can get and still be in Mexico. Lol

Ruth asks…

Various Mexican Cruise Questions?

So I want to go on my first cruise but I have some questions.

1. I am VERY afraid of closed in spaces. Can I get anywhere using stairs or will I have to use an elevator to get to some places?
2. Can you feel the rocking of the ship ever?
3. When is the best time (weather wise) to cruise to Mexico on the Pacific side?

Anything else you wanna tell me about your experiences would be great!

Tijuana answers:

1 – You can get just about anywhere on the ship without ever having to go on an elevator. In fact, it’s preferable. With all the old and fat people clogging up the elevators, it’s easier to just take the stairs.

2 – Yes, you can feel the motion of the ship. And, not just because of rough seas, but also the wind. My first cruise ever was to Ensenada from San Diego. About halfway there, we ran into about 7 foot seas and it was very noticeable. Throughout that evening, I kept noticing white paper bags being left in conspicuous places thoughout the ship. I guess they were put there by the ship staff in case someone got sick.

Also, when I went on the Mexican Riviera cruise once, the ship was heading north at about 25 knots and there was about a 30-knot wind coming across the starboard bow at about a 45-degree angle. This caused the ship to buck and lurch from side-to-side a lot. This was actually worse than any rocking, because it would jar you awake all night.

What’s really strange, though isn’t so much the rocking while on the ship, which you do kind of get used to. But, it’s the rocking that you think you feel for a week or so after coming home. If you lie on your back in a dark room and close your eyes, you swear you’re still on the ship.

3 – By the time you get to about Cabo San Lucas (which is almost directly across the Sea of Cortez from Mazatlan), it’s pretty warm year round. And, all of the Mexican Riviera ports of call (Cabo, La Paz, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo, Zihuatenejo, and Acapulco) are all at or below this latitude. So, every port is warm and tropical (except Cabo and La Paz, which are drier).

The time of year you really have to watch out for is hurricane season, which runs from June to November. I wouldn’t worry much about June and July, or November all that much. But, avoid August through October. These are the months where a hurricane is most likely to form and hit in the Mexican Riviera.

And, summertime isn’t really that much hotter down there than winter. That’s like saying summer in Hawaii is much hotter than winter in Hawaii. But, they’re about the same. In winter, though, you’ll have to wear warm clothes out of Los Angeles or San Diego, and then pack lighter stuff for when you’re in Mexico (including when you’re at sea). You might also want to bring somewhat warm clothes for when you’re on the ship. It’s air conditioned everywhere and can sometimes get a bit chilly, even in your room.

Mark asks…

1st time cruiser….Royal Caribbean or Carnival?!?

My g/f and I are planning a cruise to Mexico (3-5 days) from Los Angelas. I’m still debating on which cruise line to choose. This is our 1st cruise and we just want to experience it! I’ve heard Carnival is a more “party” atmoshere. We are both into the club scene but would like to be on a cruise where we can experience everything from the swimming pools to the dining. Also does anybody know what the weather will be like at this time of the year in Mexico?

Tijuana answers:

The two lines that offer short cruises to Mexico from Los Angeles are Carnival (on the Paradise) and Royal Caribbean (on the Monarch of the Seas). Both offer a similar experience.

The three night cruises both leave on Friday and go to Ensenada and spend a day at sea. The four night cruises both leave on Monday and go to Ensenada (not on the same day) and Catalina. Royal Caribbean also goes to San Diego while Carnival spends a day at sea.

Carnival leaves from Long Beach …


Royal Caribbean leaves from San Pedro …


The two lines are very similar. Both are family oriented and both cater to the younger active crowd. However, the you should know that the four night cruise passengers are known as the, “newly wed, the over fed and the nearly dead”.

Both ships are about the same size. However, the Paradise was built in 1998 and is the last of Carnival’s Fantasy class while the Monarch was built in 1991. The standard cabins on the Paradise are about 50% larger than the standard cabins on the Monarch. As a result the Monarch carries more passengers, and thus has less room per passenger.

The Paradise has a water slide while the Monarch has a rock climbing wall.

Basically you will find your cruise experience on one very similar to your cruise experience on the other. I did this cruise as a three night cruise on the Carnival Holiday in 2001. If choosing between Carnival or Royal Caribbean for the three night cruise, flip a coin or take the one with the best price. If choosing a four night cruise I would suggest the Paradise because of the day at sea. Days at sea are very relaxing, and give you a chance to explore the ship, as opposed to exploring San Diego.

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