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Ensenada Mexico Weather

Ruth asks…

What is the weather like in Ensenada, Mexico in early feb?

I’m thinking about taking a Cruise in early February to Ensenada and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. What is the weather like over there at that time of year?

Tijuana answers:

See site below for the usual weather there in early Feb.

Jenny asks…

Is it safe to go to Ensenada this weekend?

We are planning to go to mexico but we dont know if its safe due to a hurricane.

Tijuana answers:

Hurricane Jimena is going right up the coast, with Ensenada in its sights.

Keep a close eye on the weather sites.

Also, due to this, inbound travelers may be turned back from these areas.

Thomas asks…

What is the weather in Ensenada, Mexico like during this season?

I am going on a cruise to Mexico this weekend and i am wondering what the weather will be like so i know what clothes to bring. Please help

Tijuana answers:

What major city is that by?
Well, in mexico [where im from] in the morning it’s cold up until 9 it’s pretty warm and gets super hot at like 12. And at night it gets kind of chilly

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