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Ensenada Mexico

Donald asks…

Do U.S Citizens need a passport card to enter ensenada mexico on a closed loop cruise?

I know I don’t need one for a closed loop cruise but will i need one to get off the ship in ensenada, mexico?

Tijuana answers:

You are entering a country and as such will need to purchase the passport card.

The more expensive passport book can be purchased if you wish to use it on a future vacation to additional countries and air travel.

James asks…

Do you still Need a Passport OR Pass card if you are driving to Baja and Ensenada Mexico?

In Novemember I will be driving to Baja and Ensenada Mexico and I just wanted to know If I have a birth certificate and Identification card will I still be allowed to be back into the U.S. Friends Have been telling me I can because they were allowed back.

Tijuana answers:

As of May 1st 2010 every foreigner going beyond the border zone needs a Passport to get an FMM Tourist Permit. You can go and stay in Tijuana for up to 72 hours Undocumented.
Please read the link and contact these folks if you don`t believe them.
As for going back to the USA you need only to prove that you are a US Citizen and you can NOT be denied entry to your own country.

Ken asks…

Is it safe to go to Ensenada, Mexico on a cruise next weekend?

Me, my dad and stepmother are going on a cruise from Long Beach, CA to Ensenada, Mexico next weekend but I heard about the war. Is it by Ensenada? What do you think? Is it safe?

Tijuana answers:

MANY people are asking a similar question on here every day. Many others have replied stating the Ensenada is fine. Most of the drug violence is in the border cities. Tourist areas are safe. I have put links below with similar questions and their answers.

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