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Robert asks…

Why was Mexico in debt before the battle of Puebla?

I’ve seen in Google that Mexico was in debt but it doesn’t go into further details. I’m in need of a response so I can do a presentation to my AP Spanish Class. Help is appreciated an please provide as much details as possible. Thank you

Edit: I’ve asked my parents and they have no idea either, yet they still know they were in debt too.

Tijuana answers:

Wars require money, and there were an awful lot of wars in the first century (and a couple decades of the second) of Mexico’s existence.

Since a good chunk of the country’s capital fled the country before and during the war of Independence and the Mexico’s work force/ infrastructure was devastated by the constant warring, Mexico couldn’t afford said wars (amongst other expenses) so the government started asking for loans.

This loans were mainly from England but there were also other countries such as France and the US.

Jenny asks…

What event occurred in 1980 that changed the face of Mexico City?

Can’t find anything on google and it is our question of the day?

Tijuana answers:

Two rather large earthquakes (which actually started off shore) hit southern Mexico (i believe they were 7.0 and 6.8)in a period of less than 12 hours.
Being that MDF(Districto Federal) is basically built on top of a old Lake (refer to the Bird on the Flag ) the ground Liquifacted(became like water).
This along with poor construction Codes had the effect of destroying better than 25% of all the building in the city and killing thousands

Charles asks…

What colleges in New Mexico offer the best linguistics programs?

I’d like to attend a college nearby, but I also want a good linguistics program. New Mexico State University and University of New Mexico both offer linguistics programs, but are they any good?

Tijuana answers:

You can find colleges in New Mexico for linguistics here:

For the two schools that you mentioned lace the name of each school separately into your favorite search engine and then add the phrase reviews and rankings. Compare and contrast them.

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