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Paul asks…

What are some foods that are traditionally eaten during Oaxaca, Mexico’s Christmas season?

I need to list and describe a few foods which are traditionally eaten around the Christmas season in Oaxaca, Mexico. Please respond as soon as possible and you will get the points. Thanks!

Tijuana answers:

Lol first answer only knows about the tacos but they aren’t even payed any attention during Christmas.

Champurrado, Tamales, Bunuelos…idk Thats what google is for, google it lol

Linda asks…

how can i convert emails from mexico in spanish to english language in usa?

I have a friend in Ensenada Mexico, and she sends me emails, unfortunately in Spanish language. How can I convert the Spanish language text of the emails to the English language?

Tijuana answers:

Try Google Translate. 🙂

Laura asks…

What makes the Yucatán peninsula different from the rest of Mexico?

What makes the Yucatán peninsula different from the rest of Mexico?

a.It has the most abundant natural resources.
b.It is more temperate than the rest of the country.
c.Its bedrock is made of limestone.
d.It has fertile volcanic soil.

Tijuana answers:

Three times you have proven youself lazy in one day.

This is a typical DO MY HOMEWORK FOR ME question!

I help with homework.
I do not do homework. I am 73 and my days for doing homework are over. When I was going to school the internet and computers had not been invented. Television was in it’s infancy, but we did not have one because we did not have electricity.
It would not help you learn anything just by copying and pasting my work. You will learn by doing.
Please use a book. You do have a text book, don’t you?
Please use an encyclopedia.
Please use the library.
Please use
Please use google search.
Please use yahoo search.
Then when all is said and done, you will receive a grade for what you did.
If it is good, be proud of yourself. If not, remember to try harder.

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