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Betty asks…

What are some good and cheap water parks in new mexico?

My and my friends want to go to a nice a water park but we each can only provide about $25.00. We live in southern new mexico. I would also like for you to include the name of a hotel to stay at that is also cheap and near the water park. Some features we are looking for are water slides, a wave pool,a lazy river, and more slides.

Tijuana answers:

Hi there, why dont you combine the two and look for a hotel with a water park?could you be more precise as to where in new mexico you are..


regards pops..

Laura asks…

What is the best resort in Mexico for me?

I am traveling with my Dad to Mexico in November. We both never been to this country and we want to spend some time up there.

However, we know little about local tourist destinations. Could you help me with some information?

We want to go to a nice resort city (good beaches, culture, interesting for tourists), fairly safe, not too much Americanized like Cancun, reasonably priced.

Crazy night life is not necessary taking into consideration that I am going with my 62 y.o. father.

Thanks for your help!

Tijuana answers:

I would consider somewhere in southern Baja! Baja Sur is the safest of all of Mexico. The people are friendly, it is clean and little or no crime. The weather is great and there is lot’s to do.Think about San Jose del Cabo, East Cape, La Paz. All have beaches , nice places to stay,great food. The airport is in San Jose del Cabo (SJD). Several airlines fly there every day. You can rent a car or take taxi’s around the coast to East Cape, La Paz, Loreto. If you want to go west of San Jose del Cabo you can drive to Cabo San Lucus, Todo Santos. It seems the further you drive north the less expensive it is. Don’t drive at night, (cattle on highway). All of these places have great sportfishing if you are into that. For sure you can catch big fish and eat well and have fun! They even freeze them for you and you can bring home. Google around Baja and check out some of the cool stuff! Hope to help! Have Fun! P.S. Whales, dolfins, calm seas! Ck out Tecolote Beach, La Paz!………………………………..

George asks…

How long would it take to drive from Dallas to Cancun, Mexico?

I typed it into google and mapquest an nothing would come up. Any help?

Tijuana answers:

4 days at a reasonable pace, driving only in day light hours. Pretty much from dawn till dusk every day though.

3 days if you push it a bit and drive at night too.

You can get your car import sticker in advance at the link below, it will cost you a little more but it will save you time crossing the border. You’ll need Mexican Auto insurance as you US insurance won’t cover you. (Get insurance – it’s really important in Mexico, you can get that in advance online too.)

Also if you get a sticker in advance make sure you still check in at the border and get tourist cards. You will need them when you get further into Mexico, save them as well since you will need to hand them back in when you leave. You will also need to hand in the sticker when you leave otherwise you will have problems driving in Mexico in the future.

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