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Richard asks…

What are the legal ramifications of an american being caught in Mexico Illegally?

Obviously, This doesn’t happen often as there is not much incentive for an American citizen to immigrate to Mexico. But, If they did, and were found to be there illegally, what would happen to them? Is it comparable to what happens to illegal immigrants in America?
Also, are there any other notable ramifications besides legal ones?

Tijuana answers:

Jail, and their jails are nasty. Mexico doesn’t fool around with illegal aliens. Of course, if you are
paying your hotel bills and buying items, Mexico doesn’t consider you illegal. You are merely a
tourist alien. Also, jail time in Mexico is dependent upon how much you can fork out to get free.
A friend of mine spent two weeks in prison while her husband gathered enough $ to spring her.
She was in bad shape when she was released.
You ought to Google what they do to alien suicides. Two acquaintences of mine went to
Acapulco and killed themselves. They were returned to America in plastic bags in original state.
Mexico doesn’t spend money on aliens. They are practical.

Maria asks…

How can you solve the imbalance of distribution of money in Mexico?

Mexico has the 14th biggest economy in the world but they are only 55th in Per Capita Income

Tijuana answers:

Per capita GDP is calculated by taking a country’s total GDP and dividing it by the population. It has absolutely nothing to do with income distribution.

For example, Sweden has the 31st highest per capita GDP and the 41st largest economy. Zimbabwe has the 182nd highest per capita GDP and the 115th largest economy. Sweden’s income is fairly evenly distributed, Zimbabwe’s is not. However, there is no way to tell that by looking at those statistics.

A better indicator of income equality is the Gini Index. You can find a list of every country’s Gini Index here:

100 is total income inequality, 0 is total income equality.

If the link doesn’t work just google “cia gini”. It’ll be the third link down.

Ruth asks…

How can I get into websites from Mexico?

Is there a certain way to get access to international websites? I want to be able to see webpages from Mexico and it doesn’t let me.Why?

Tijuana answers:

Search in it may let you search for mexican websites, otherwise search in

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