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John asks…

Is there any bus in Tijuana that will take me to Mexico?

I have looked on google, but no help and I even asked my friend that lives in Tijuana and she doesn’t even know. So if someone can help me I would highly appreciate it.

Tijuana answers:

Last I heard there are Buses to Mexico but it takes 2/12 days and Aeromexico is a better deal and takes a few hours.
As I recall the sevice is infrequent and was around $200.00 USD. $1800.00 mxn Pesos $140.00 USD

Maria asks…

What are two big gangs in Mexico similar to mods and rockers?

I need a two gangs that cause conflict between one another like the mods and rockers or punks and rival punks but I need a modern version. Having trouble finding some on google!

Tijuana answers:

Two examples would be “punk” groups in Mexico City. Two notorious ones would be the sikarious, they’re a group of youth who hangout, in subways or warehouses or having raves, they mainly just like to dance to rap and rave (get drunk, smoke weed). They formed from several different groups to become peaceful and just party.
Another group would be the “Porros” who are basocally youth ravers in neon clothing and glasses. They had a clash with MC police a few years back where they basically rioted in the street, but they’re still peaceful.
Other than thesw two they’re are still goths, emo, soccer ultras, rockers,etc, just in lower numbers. I have no idea why the idiots above me are listinh drug cartels, completely different. Must be trolls
Shout out to the UK, you guys rock.

Donna asks…

how can i move my 2 dogs from Shanghai to Mexico?

i have to dogs one husky and another little sh*t. my dad wants me to help him with planning how to move from shanghai back to mexico. can someone tell me whats steps i need to take to send them back to mexico?

Tijuana answers:

Google how to move your dog to Mexico. I think you need to have a certificate of health dated within a certain amount of time. You may have to do something different to take them out of the country your in as well. I’d confirm with your vet and immigration just to be safe. Google might be a good place to start gathering information. You will also have to check how to ship an animal with the airline you are using to travel.

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