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Linda asks…

Are spring break fornicators responsible for the swine flu outbreak in Mexico?

Canada, New Zealand, and United States are now claiming that college kids who celebrated spring break 2009 in Mexico have brought swine flu into these countries. Is this true?

Tijuana answers:

Is it true that people who went to Mexico for spring break were fornicators? I’m afraid that the CDC, WHO and the Associated Press haven’t reported on the sex practices of those afflicted with swine flu. A quick Google search will reveal that the most common modes of transmission for H1N1 appears to be proximity to infected pigs; I have not read, as yet, of any porcine-human sexual encounters resulting in people (or pigs) getting sick. There appears to be a general consensus that a number of non-Mexicans who became infected with swine flu A celebrated spring break in places such as Cancun.

However, as of this writing, no one outside of Mexico has died of the virus.

Helen asks…

how do i become a professional tennis player in mexico?

I live in mexico and assuming i have the talent and physical condition to play competitive tennis how do i get to a professional level? is there a national tennis federation to join in mexico? and about how long will it take me to get to a professional level if i do join an assosiation and hypotheticaly win most of the tournaments i enter.

Tijuana answers:

Daniel asks…

Safe place in Mexico for a single woman to learn Spanish?

I’m thinking of living in Mexico for a year to learn Spanish.

I’ll be alone and I want to live in a small city or town near the ocean (either coast).

Has anyone ever spent a lot of time in a place in Mexico that they can recommend to me? I’ve done a lot of traveling and can handle myslef -but safety is a concern since I’ll be alone and it will take me a month probably to get my basic conversational Spanish skills up to par.

Tijuana answers:

Hola. I live here in Mexico by myself (Canadian girl)

My favorite experience doing exactly what you mentioned was staying in a town called La Paz, a seaside place on the Baja and going to school called Se Habla La Paz….google their website. This was such a great experience. They also arrange for you to live with a mexican family, so you are totally immersed. I have met so many wonderful people and have had so many great experiences, I highly recommend this. They also have a sister school in Guadalajara, because I wouldn’t want to be in one place for too long. I would recommend moving around and enjoying the different towns and cultures.

Remember you cannot stay in Mexico for more than 180 days at a time on a tourist visa.

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