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Google Mexico

Ruth asks…

What is some good, resourceful, websites on Pompeii, Iceland, and Baja, Mexico?

I’m doing a PowerPoint on the geologic events on these places. Baja, Mexico -Pompeii, Italy, – and Iceland. If you have any resourceful websites that have good information on plate tectonics and other things that would be great. I need some help please~ 🙂
Thanks but really, i already tried that… AEIIIEEE

Tijuana answers:

I have a great website. It shows links to other websites as well. It has websites, videos and images, etc. It is very popular and offers a wide diversity of infomation if you use it. It is very popular.
You want to know the website? Well, too bad. You should know it. It’s….

EDIT: Really, how could you not get info? I used Google for instance with Pompeii to find the geological occurence was a volcano known as Mt. Vesuvius. I googled that and got tonnes of info!

Daniel asks…

What is a great oceanfront condo in La Playa del Carmen in Mexico that you enjoyed?

What is a great oceanfront condo in La Playa del Carmen in Mexico that you enjoyed?

Tijuana answers:

Its not “la’ Playa del Carmen.

But anyway…. If you want a nice oceanfront condo google “pueblito escondido” and “aldea thai”.

You can get one for somewhere around 1,500 per week.

Richard asks…

I got a nutrition associate degree in Mexico and I don’t know how to transfer it to the US?

I study nutrition in Mexico and got my Nutrition associate degree, I don’t know if there is something similar here, also I want to know if I can transfer to get a bachelor’s degree in dietetics or nutrition, and what do I need to do?

Tijuana answers:

Google the names of the schools you would like to attend. Transfer information will be on almost every school’s website.

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