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Nancy asks…

What are the requirements to enter college in Mexico?

Hi, I’m a junior in high school in the US, I am considering attending college in Mexico since I’m still a Mexican citizen. I’ve attended school in the US since pre-k.

I’m just wondering what things I need to enter or apply to a university, say UNAM. I mean like, requirements about grades and so on. And where I can get more info or such. Anything would help, thanks.

Tijuana answers:

Google it. Mexican universities requirement

George asks…

How do you make those beautiful handwoven bracelets that you can find in Mexico?

If you’ve ever been to mexico, you know you can find people on the street who are selling bracelets. They’re like friendship bracelets, but way more complex. I really want to find different weaving patterns to make bracelets. Anyone know any cool patterns, or places I can find them?

Tijuana answers:

My friends can make those.
Try joanne’s or michaels or even walmart for the book
if not try ebay

they may even have them online..check google!

Joseph asks…

What is the best vacation spot in Mexico for our situation?

Some of my family lives in Pittsburgh, while some of us is are in Los Angeles. We want to vacation in Mexico together, but we want to find a spot that is somewhat reasonable for both of us. What is a good vacation spot that is somewhat in the middle of these two cities (my family is insisting on a beach)? If there isn’t one, the Los Angeles people would be willing to fly further. What would be the best vacation spot for us? By the way, it doesn’t HAVE to be Mexico. It could be another Spanish speaking country that matches the criteria. Thanks!

Tijuana answers:

I’d recommend Cancun but Playa del Carmen more in the Yucatan Penisula…it may be a bit closer to your eastern family’s side but the pacific side of mexico would be going too far west unless you chose Acapulco. These are really the closest compromises with a beach and also very affordable. Any other places would not be as even a flight as these places as far as non-mexican destinations are concerned. The islands are much further east and other countrys are much farther south and more expensive.

Here’s a map…note where Cancun (carribean side) and Acapulco (west coast side) are on it…Playa del Carmen is just south of Cancun by about an hour.


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