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Sandra asks…

How to rent a car in Mexico and not pay a fortune for insurance?

I went to Costa Rica, my car reservation was ~$300, but I ended up paying ~$600, because they have some kind of mandatory local insurance that is very expensive.

Now I am going to Mexico, and I am reading the similar reviews. Some companies ask for written insurance contract from US, other companies tell customers that no out of Mexico insurance ever works in Mexico and they have to purchase it from them.

Any tips how to rent a car without paying a fortune? Is this true that US insurance doesn’t work there? Do I really have to pay for local insurance?

Tijuana answers:

It’s true that US auto insurance is not valid in Mexico, and yes, you do have to pay for Mexican insurance. I’ve never done it, so I don’t know the price range, but I’ll bet if you Google “mexican auto insurance” you’ll find lots of pages that may help you. If you belong to AAA or a similar auto club, they may be able to help you.

Sandy asks…

When is the best time to purchase summer 2013 airline tickets to Mexico City?

I would like to send my five sisters and mother to Mexico for summer vacation. I’ve been looking for airline deals right now on sites like Expedia, Priceline, Travelocity, etc…and they’re all in the high $2,000’s and Low $3,000’s. I know those prices are the norm but I’m just looking for something a bit more economic…any special sites, information, tips will help. Thanks in advance.

Tijuana answers:

You did not state from which place they will fly. So we cannot search more attractice deals for you.

Try to be flexible with the travel dates. Even in the summer peak season, you may usually find some days with a bit lower prices.

Also try to get the best deals with ITA Matrix Airfare Search (a specialized subsidiary of google). You find it here:

As for summer 2013, there is now no hurry at all. Nevertheless book your flight as soon as the decision to go has been taken. Prices may go up later, as departure day approaches.

John asks…

How to get to Mexico from Europe?

I’m planning on traveling to Mexico in August, but only if I find a cheap way to get there. Can anybody provide me with some constructive travel tips? I live in Romania and the cheapest flight I could get right now would probably be something around 700 E, but I want something cheaper than this. Changing planes for connected flights accepted!

Tijuana answers:

You could try to find a cheap way to get to someplace in Europe where cheap charter flights (mostly to Cancún) are available. I know they are available out of London and few other locations in the UK. Put Google to work find some place closer to Romania with charters to Mexico.

Good luck.

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