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Ken asks…

Cruise to Mexico or pick a hotel and stay there for a week?

Going to Mexico this year but can’t decide whether to just take a cruise or stay in a hotel. If a hotel any suggestions?
Im interested for 3 people going to Cabo or Cancun maybe even Puerto Vallarta. Really interested in exploring a little bit of the day and night seen in any and every place.

Tijuana answers:

I am going to Mexico too, taking Cruise. But I guess it is up to you, what you prefer. I like Cruise because you can see more places and stay in the kind of moving hotel ;). Every day you wake up in different place.
If you go with hotels, I can’t tell you the brand, just Google or Expedia it, but Cancun is nice place to be, in my opinion.

Depends on your time and financial resources you could visit all three, or one at a time (one a year). I don’t know if there is a Cruise that goes to all 3. Check Expedia web and other traveling webs. Just Google it. I did Goolge my trip.

Maria asks…

Are there some days that are better than others to visit places of interest in Yucatan, Mexico?

I’m taking a honeymoon to Merida, Yuctatan, Mexico for 10 days in April. I will be going to Uxmal, Campeche, Celestun, Progreso, Dzibilchaltun, Chichen Itza and Coba. Are there some places that are better to visit (or avoid) on certain days of the week?

Tijuana answers:

Sunday mornings in Merida are nice. They close the streets from the Paseo de Montejo to the main square and then south to la Hermita. You can walk it or rent a bicycle for about $15 pesos an hour. The bike rental starts at 10 am so get there a little early to get a bike otherwise you will end up waiting for someone to return one (rental locations are in the main square or on the Paseo ask at your hotel and I’m sure they will be able to help). To bike the entire circuit takes about an hour at a pretty leisurely pace. There is also a market, and some shows in the main square (all day), generally folkloric dancing and such. Some of the other squares in Centro have bands and dancing as well, generally in the afternoon.

Carnival has ships that doc in Progreso so the character changes if there is a ship in port. So if you want more laid back try to avoid Progreso on a day when cruise ships are in town or if you want more action then try to go on a day when cruise ships are in town. (most likely days a ship will be in are Mondays and Wednesdays but it will be listed in the paper so you can ask at your hotel/ B&B). Ruins are free to nationals on Sundays so they tend to be busier on Sundays. Dzibilchaltun will have lots of people in the cenote if you go on a Sunday and it’s warm. Most other days it’s pretty empty.

Not exactly a typical honeymoon event but Merida has baseball many nights if that is of interest to you/ your wife.

There is also a symphony orchestra that normally plays on Sundays at noon. It’s a very nice theatre and very affordable. ($80 pesos a ticket I think last time I went)

You may also want to check out the city of Itzamal – give that a google – it’s a pretty cool place in my books.

Dzibilchaltun is ok but for me I would give that up to see Ek Balam or Keep driving about an hour past Coba to Tulumn. Tulumn is generally crowded but setting is impressive.

Seeing a Hacienda helps put a lot of things in perspective about the Yucatan.

There are lots of great cenotes too – you should see one of those.

Have fun.

Steven asks…

How can i find auditions in Albuquerque new mexico?

I am willing to drive basically anywhere in NM.
I always her that so many movies are made in new Mexico and that its a great place for actors. But I find it hard to believe because I can’t find any auditions. I’ve found two in the past 2 years!! I look on those bulletin boards, online, Facebook, audition agency websites (which I’m unwilling to pay for so they aren’t of much help to me), ect.

Tijuana answers:

You can’t find any because you don’t have an agent.
That’s an agent’s job – to find you auditions.
Get into some acting classes, get some headshots, bodyshots, experience, a resume, and a demo reel.
Submit the headshot, resume, and a coverletter to local agents (you can google them).

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