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Google Mexico

Mandy asks…

I need to know the requirements for a filippino citizen to enter Mexico?

I live in Mexico and the person in question is my fiancee.

Tijuana answers:

A passport?
google how to become a mexican citizen..

Charles asks…

Where can I purchase hedgehogs in new mexico?

My sister and I both want a hedgehog, and were looking for places to by them close to home (portales nm) ,preferably in new mexico or texas, since we live along the border. Having a hard time locating breeders or stores though. Help? Thanks very much!

Tijuana answers:

Dunno, look it up on

George asks…

How do I find a messanger to talk to in Puerto Penasco Mexico?

I have been trying for a while now to find another messanger in Puerto Penasco Mexico that can possibly help me with some answers that only they can. There use to be a way to do it on the old messanger and maybe I just became computer stupid all of a sudden or just to impatient. Could someone please help me and show me the way I would need to go to find more people that are in Puerto Penasco Mexico. Thank You Gordies Fea

Tijuana answers:

Are you talking about a blog that answers questions all about Puerto Penasco? Where you can post a message and have another person answer it that comes from that area?

Just google or put the words Puerto Penasco in the search space and you’ll get all kinds of responses.

Good Luck

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