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Google Mexico

Ken asks…

How can I search driving directions from Cancun mexico to Ixtapa mexico,something similar like mapquest,for mx

Do anybody knows a website similar to mapquest. that will allow to sear for driving directions on mexico?

Tijuana answers:

Try google maps. (all you do is go to, and then type maps in search…i think its just, or

Mandy asks…

Why is the gulf of mexico water clear and not muddy from the mississippi river?

Why is the gulf of mexico water clear and not muddy from the mississippi river?

Tijuana answers:

If you look on a google map of the Gulf of Mexico where the Mississippi river enters the ocean, you will see a slight fan shape of brown cloudy water. The reason it’s only in this area is due to the flow of dirt particles after they leave the river. The larger particles stay close to the shore and the lighter,smaller particles travel slightly further before settling to the bottom. There is actually what’s called a dead zone at the point in the gulf where the river enters because of the mud in the area. No sunlight can penetrate through and therefore, no dissolved oxygen can build up for the organisms to breathe.

John asks…

How can you call to Mexico from gmail?

Well I found this new feature on gmail that lets you talk and (not to cheap or anything) I wanted to talk to some family members and I can’t figure it out. In mexico theres only about 5 numbers in each number but im not sure what to put the number or the numbers i put on a card to call. Please Help!

Tijuana answers:

To place a call to a phone number in Gmail after installing the voice and video chat plug-in just follow the steps below. If you’d like to make a voice or video call from one computer to another, follow these instructions.
To place a call to a landline or wireless phone number:
1. In your chat list, click the Call phone link
2. In the resulting Call window, dial the number you wish to call (you can use your mouse or your keyboard’s number pad)
3. Click the Call button

If you would like to make an international call, you can do so using the current Google Voice calling rates. Just add credit and dial the number. You can select the applicable country code by clicking the the flag drop down or by typing it directly into the window (i.e. +55 for Brazil).

If there is already a phone number assigned to a contact, it will auto-fill in the Call window if you begin to type in that contacts name. Alternatively, you can initiate a phone call from a text chat window by clicking the phone icon.

How to make phone calls with Gmail:

1. First thing you’ll need to do before you can do anything is to download and install a free plugin from Google here.
2. With the plugin installed, restart any browsers you may have open.
3. Open your browser again and head over to your Gmail account and click on “Call Phone” from the left hand side.
4. A dialpad will appear on the right hand side. Calls to the U.S and Canada are free for the rest of the year (2010). International calls are available at very low rates.

Choose the country icon from the drop down menu, this will add the appropriate country code for the call. Now enter the area code and the telephone number and hit the “Call” button.

When you’re done with your call, just click the End button. If you wish to call the same number back immediately, you can click the Redial button after the call has ended.

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