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Thomas asks…

What are some easy foods I can make that are from Tabasco, Mexico?

I need to make about 30 small samples of a meal from Tabasco, Mexico to bring in for a class project tomorrow.
I tried looking up recipes, but didn’t have much luck.
Any suggestions?

Thank you!

Tijuana answers:

Try searching google “traditional foods of tabasco, mexico”. There are squillions of sites listed- too many to type here. Good luck.
Bon Appétit.

Helen asks…

Poor college students want to go to Cancun, Mexico. Any ideas on how to get a good deal?

My friends and I are thinking about taking a trip to Cancun Mexico. We are college students so we don’t have much money. Any ideas of where I can look to get a great deal?

Tijuana answers:

If i were you i would type in, on google, discount vacations to cancun mexico. Or even pricline. That is what we did and ended up saving over $300 on our flight. Try to fly Delta. It is the cheapest airline. You might find a like nice 3 star maybe 4 star for a lost cost!!! Try because cancun is the best place to go for vaction!!!

Charles asks…

Where is good place to watch the Mexico v Argentina game in San Francisco 6/27 in Union Square?

Im visiting from San Diego and would like it to be pro-Mexico, walking distance from Union Square, and to be serving food and drinks.

Tijuana answers:

Google maps show all the bars showing soccer matches and what kind of bar they are. Here are some in that area:

Danny Coyle’s?- more info »
668 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA? – (415) 558-8375? – 1.8 mi SW
Category: Soccer Bar
11 reviews
“San Fran Soccer Bars and Football Pubs | Where to Watch Soccer in San Francisco | Find San Francisco Soccer Bars and Football Pubs « …”?
Showing soccer matches
El Tin Tan?- more info »
3065 16th Street, San Francisco, CA? – (415) 558-9746? – 1.8 mi SW
Category: Bar
10 reviews
“So after leaving cha cha cha’s we were in search for a good bar in the area. …”?
Showing soccer matches
The Taco Shop @ Underdogs?- more info »
1824 Irving St., San Francisco, CA? – (415) 566-8700? – 4.2 mi SW
Category: Mexican Restaurant
37 reviews
“Just when I thought this place couldn’t get better, it did! …”?
Showing soccer matches
Taqueria Zorro?- more info »
308 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, CA? – (415) 392-9677? – 0.7 mi N
Category: Mexican Restaurant
50 reviews
“Pretty good flavor considering they are not in the mission or in SJ or where other mexican-food-loving people congregate. I like their salsa bar – it’s …”?
Showing soccer matches
La Gaviota Mexican Grill & Bar?- more info »
1130 Lucretia Avenue, San Jose, CA? – (408) 947-0417? – 44 mi SE
Showing soccer matches
Irish Bank The?- more info »
10 Mark Lane, San Francisco, CA? – (415) 788-7152? – 0.2 mi NE
Category: Bars
56 reviews
“The bar itself is simple and comfortable, with two televisions and a wall full of whiskeys (+1 point for having Redbreast 12 and +1 point for having …”?
Showing soccer matches
The Cellar Nightclub?- more info »
685 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA? – (415) 441-5678? – 0.2 mi W
Category: Bar
141 reviews
“Detroit Club; About Queretaro Mexico; Manhattan Bar; Improv Comedy Club; San Luis Potosi; Raleigh Nightlife; Seccion Amarilla Chihuahua; Manhattan …”?
Las Margaritas Restaurant?- more info »
2801 Leavenworth Street, San Francisco, CA? – (415) 776-6996? – 1.5 mi NW
Category: Mexican Restaurant
43 reviews
“Can’t comment on the bar, which seems to be the redeeming feature of this place, as it was a work lunch, but for a city full of excellent Mexican …”?
Showing soccer matches
Otaez Mexican Restaurant?- more info »
1619 Webster St, Alameda, CA? – (510) 521-9090? – 7.2 mi E
68 reviews
“5:30 p.m. Nite In Mexico: Dinner catered by the Acapulco Restaurant; margarita bar and raffle. Dinner: $12. Alameda Elks Lodge, 2255 Santa Clara Ave. …”?
Showing soccer matches

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