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Google Mexico Cartel

Helen asks…

If Fast and Furious was such a terrible thing why is selling guns from America to Mexican Drug dealers o.k.?

Tijuana answers:

Republicans are nasty liars.

William asks…

Americans, regarding the Mexican Border?

I think that its incredibly generous of you to allow so many illegal immigrants into your country. However, on a practical note, especially with the large debt at the moment thanks in part to the welfare system, wouldn’t it make more sense to restrict immigration to those who are best able to contribute to your country? For instance, there are millions of unemployed graduates and even PhD holders in China/India. Why not let some of them in instead?

In addition, securing the border may also be in Mexico‘s long-term interests. In its (unsuccessful) fight against the drug lords, surely cutting off their stream of wealth would be a God-send.

Tijuana answers:

America does not have illegal immigrant problem. America HAS an illegal immigrant EMPLOYER problem. If there were no wealthy folk breaking the law buy hiring poor folk who have nothing but poverty, there would be no jobs for the immigrants to risk life and limb to come to America to take.

BUT you are making the case for paying a living wage. If Americans were compensated properly for the labor demanded for them, then there would be no illegal jobs for the illegal immigrants to take.

SIDE NOTE: Google the H1 Visa program. Multinational Enterprise already undercuts hight-tech, white-collar Americans by importing internationally to under-cut wages. Http:// and

SIDE NOTE 2: The single most effective thing to limit Mexican drug cartels would be to prosecuted our six largest banks for laundering their drug money. Http://

SIDE NOTE 3: There are so many fallacies built into your inquiry, the sane and sober folk here are left with the distinct impression that you are an avid FAUX Noise viewer. Http://

Sandra asks…

Why do Latins claim that the drug cartel is OUR fault?

i will hear over and over agian that if Americans didn’t use so many drugs that,,there wouldn’t be a problem

I belive this to be arrogant to the point of brainwashing , here is why

1, the drug cartel is Criminal activity
2, the drugs are sold mostly in the US becuse they can sell them for much more here,,,,not becuase of hunger ,but becuase of the amount of money people make
3, ANYWHERE drugs are sold,,people will buy them,,especially in Latin America, so don’t give me to high horscrap moral attitude that Americans are just more likley to use drugs, in the town and villages that dealers infiltrate in Mexico,,,Cocaine addiction epedimics will spread quicker than this country,across the board,,in a couple years,,half a village will be hooked,,nobody is immune to addiction,,just a fact of life, drugs are just not as widley available or afforded there

4, If your son gets hooked on heroin when he is 14,,will you put any blame on the person who gave him his first hit,,,,,
booman,,,but,,it’s addiction,,,it workes with any demographic,,,the supply is always the problem,,,no drugs,,,no addiction
immigrant,,now you are blaming columbia,,,while Peru, Boliva, and Mexico produce just as much drugs

Tijuana answers:

Why do Latins claim that the drug cartel is OUR fault?

THEY HAVE TOLD US,they the Latin farmers, IF WE paid them they won’t grown the poppy, which is what drugs is made of. They would love to stop growing it but how will the feed their families. THEY are not going to literally starve
to quit growning a produce that is barely keeping them the little people alive. THE CARTEL get the bulk of the money; not only that….DRUGS ARE BIG MONEY IN AMERICA were it not so they would legalize it. CANADA DON’T HAVE OUR PROBLEMS, they don’t have illegal drugs. DURING PROHIBITION TIME WHEN ALCOHOL WAS ILLEGAL, there were smugglers and underground sales of alcohol…just as drugs are doing today, alcohol fueled the criminal ailiments, but crime went down after alcohol became legal. WHY NOT LEGALIZE DRUGS another is is because DRUGS KEEPS A DEPRESSED PEOPLE UNDER CONTROL that’s why it is in predominately poor neighborhoods. PRISON IS BIG BUSINESS IN AMERICA, too! THEY ARE INTERTWINED. Drugs supplies the prisons with cheap labor, cheap labor supplies the fat cats with more pocket money…


READ THIS EXCERPT AND BE SURE TO READ THE LINKS…..YEP THE LATINS ARE CORRECT…NO dealing with CARTELs means loss revenue in our little and big home towns……all the stinky stuff going on makes it hard to breathe ONE CAN ALMOST UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE HIT THE CRACK PIPES RATHER THAN DEAL WITH THE REALITIES, but then that takes us back to who is the blame for the CARTELS…..

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