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Google Mexico Cartel

Joseph asks…

what would be the average driving time from IL to Cancun mexico?

I have looked every where for directions or anything and i cant find any, so websites where it would b would b great. not even google maps or mapquest could help me

Tijuana answers:

As the other person said, you have to drive through Mexico to do this and that is just not safe these days. Over 2000 people were killed in Tijuna last year – it has to do with the druglords and cartels but it’s effecting normal people. Between Christmas and New Years, a couple visiting from Wisconsin and an assistant principal from Southern California were killed. Just normal people. In two different places, who just chose the wrong place to be.

Mandy asks…

What is the best way to change all my US Dollars to Pesos?

I’m moving to Mexico tomorrow with about $4000… what would be the best way to change my US dollars into Mexican pesos?

My boyfriend has a bank account, soooo… could I just take it to his bank, convert, and deposit it?
Kind of lost on this one.
Any help is appreciated! =)

Tijuana answers:

The best bang for your buck would be to leave it in Your checking account and withdraw Pesos from the Millions of ATMs that are all over Mexico. Simply take out as many as you would think you will spend in a week.
You will fall under suspicion if you take the cash to Mexico and try to deposit it as they are tracking US dollars that are fuelling the Cartel violence. Keep in mind you can only spend or exchange $1500.00 cash a Month.

Check out google and type “$1500.00 limit Mexico” also see that You “now” need at least an FM3 to open a bank account.

If you are going to Playa del Carmen, according to a guy that lives there you can take as much as you want to a Casa de Cambio 100s of thousands if you want. Buddy has his head in the sugar soft sand. I don`t know what his status is but he is Not Tourist. Lol lol and totally out of touch. He will tell you what you want to hear as long as he makes money from you or the possibility of improving his living.

George asks…

A us justice department program results in 450 guns being sold by the ATF?

To Mexican drug dealers. Most of the guns are never recovered. Not a single arrest or indictment is made.
Should the attorney general and the president who authorized the program resign in disgrace?

Tijuana answers:

Nice setup to some of the less educated on this subject:

ATF “gun-walking” began during the Bush Administration.

Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer became the first high-ranking official Tuesday to admit that he knew U.S. Agents were letting thousands of guns sold in the U.S. Fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.

But Breuer says the controversial “gun walking” tactics he learned about in April 2010 weren’t part of “Operation Fast and Furious,” but rather a previous investigation during the Bush administration called “Wide Receiver.”

Wide Receiver was an operation during the Bush administration similar to Fast and Furious under the Obama administration where illegally purchased weapons entered Mexico instead of being stop by ATF. Under Wide Receiver, which ran from 2006 to the end of 2007, the ATF recruited a gun dealer to sell some 450 assault rifles to known straw buyers and then watched as many of those guns crossed the Mexican border.


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