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Google Mexico Cartel

David asks…

Is it really that easy to illegally cross the US-Mexico border?

I mean i’m on google street view and i see the border of texas and mexico. In some parts there is no fence, even in some major cities where you can just cross this piece of land with no seperation and you are in another country. I mean there is no seperation you can just go right ahead. Why is this??

Tijuana answers:

Places without a fence are still guarded by Border Patrol. People who attempt to cross illegally risk being abducted and killed by the Mexican drug cartels, dying of heat stroke or dehydration while crossing the desert, or being arrested by US Border Patrol. Third country nationals not from Mexico or Central America get special attention from US law enforcement. I understand that detention jails are not very nice places, and that the legal rights of foreign citizens caught crossing the border are very limited. They can be taken away to a jail somewhere and interrogated for months before being deported.

Lisa asks…

How dangerous is it in Mexico along the U.S border?

im just wondering how dangerous it is right now along the U.S/Mexico border right now with all the gangs and drug cartels?

Tijuana answers:

I go there every three or four weeks. I just try to avoid being there during the night time. During the day, it seems safe. And if you’re visiting, keep in mind that there’s safety in numbers. So have at least one person with you. Try to avoid going somewhere you’re not familiar with. Do some research about the area (look at Google Satellite images of the streets) before you go there.

Don’t be flashy while you’re there. That just attracts attention.

Helen asks…

What is the american dollar worth in mexico?

Just wondering

Tijuana answers:

If you take them to a bank you will need a passport and have to wait 15 minutes do document and record the transaction. That is if the bank wants to get involved.
Passing them in shopping in the cheap markets can be tough now that Mexicans require a passport or bank account, which many Mexicans do not have.
Your limit is $1500.00 usd a month.
All this has resulted from a crackdown on all the cartels. Many Mexicans will take them but you may be offer 10 to 1 in order to make something.

This stuff is all over google search and has been for a year and a half

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