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Google Mexico Cartel

Joseph asks…

Do you think the governments failure to act on illegal Mexican immigration has anything to do with oil?

Tijuana answers:

Ya think?

Come ON, guys.

Mexico is in ‘dire trouble’ because the accessible part of its oil field which has floated all its social programs is playing out. They don’t have the technology or experience to exploit the deep gulf stuff.

Lucky Day!

We do.

But Mexico’s law forbids foreign investment or partnerships in oil, which is what our guys want.

And our law forbids free immigration of people (which corporations want anyhow to drive down expensive ‘wage inflation’ and benefits in the US.) Look at

It has a ‘downline goal’ of free passage of ‘low risk’ [non terrorist or cartel] border traffic between Canada, Mexico and the US, and downline ‘joint exploitation of natural resources.’

What do you THINK Cheney wants out of this?

Research it. Start with for the official word and read only ever so slightly between the lines. Then look up the state of Mexico’s oil field.

Meanwhile Bush is handing out scholarships to latin america like party favors, and they want free access. Forget our already failing schools, social security and health care, though. What do you think they will think of Canada’s national health plan?


Daniel asks…

Is Eric Holder and his fast and furious a prime example of how stupid and incomeptent the whole Obama?

administration is?

Tijuana answers:

ATF “gun-walking” began during the Bush Administration.

Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer became the first high-ranking official Tuesday to admit that he knew U.S. Agents were letting thousands of guns sold in the U.S. Fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.

But Breuer says the controversial “gun walking” tactics he learned about in April 2010 weren’t part of “Operation Fast and Furious,” but rather a previous investigation during the Bush administration called “Wide Receiver.”

Wide Receiver was an operation during the Bush administration similar to Fast and Furious under the Obama administration where illegally purchased weapons entered Mexico instead of being stop by ATF. Under Wide Receiver, which ran from 2006 to the end of 2007, the ATF recruited a gun dealer to sell some 450 assault rifles to known straw buyers and then watched as many of those guns crossed the Mexican border.


Sandra asks…

Rehabs in Mexico that takes Americans?

My boyfriend just went to rehab in Mexico, hes 15, and Im trying to send him a letter. Any idea what the address of his center is? Please help?

Tijuana answers:

Not a safe place to be…Several have been raided and patients shot to death. Rehabs encourage you to “Sing like a Canary”to cleanse your soul and the Cartels are not too fond of being ratted on are they?
EDIT re Kevin

Well , well Kevin Ciudad Juarez Rehab attack 2009 @wikipedia or google 18 dead!! I won`t even waste my time giving you a link you POS. You have only demonstrated your ignorance.
Btw it`s Pendejo moron!!
Anexo de Vida centro de rehabilitacion Ciudad Juarez MEXICO That`s where and there are more!

“Gunmen kill 18 at rehab in Mexico” Google They were lined up against a wall and riddled with automatic gunfire.
Google this 13 killed in tijuana rehab……..I think I have made my points….there are several reasons for my initial response but there is always some freak on this site.


You were saying ,Kevin?

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