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Google Mexico Cartel

John asks…

Brits, do you believe in stereotypes of mexicans by americans?

or what do you think of us mexicans?

Tijuana answers:

To an extent…… Got a friend in Kentucky, USA who’s half-mexican, and she’s alright…. Also had another fully Mexican friend in Texas, but not heard from her in a bit………. She was alright too…

I’ve also seen bits of Mexico on Google Streetview, and there’s no kind way of putting this….. It’s a dump.

Then there’s the reports of incidents with the Mexican drug gangs………

Then there was the “diplomatic incident” on Britain’s highest rated car show……

But also seen F1 driver Sergio Perez (from Mexico) on TV being interviewed, and he’s alright……

So the place ain’t too bad, just needs someone brave enough to grab the place by the balls to lick it into shape and deal with the problems.

Linda asks…

What is behind the recent waves of violence & narco-terrorism in our neighbor, partner & ally country: Mexico?

Terrorism in Mexico: here are some clues:

1)Spanish broadcasting TV stations based in Miami are constantly attacking, bashing, and defaming Mexico, while they systematically censorship and ban, all issues regarding to organized crime, drug trafficking, prostitution rings, corruption, human trafficking and terrorism in Cuba and/or Florida state.

Violence in Mexico, in Cancun, Sinaloa, Cd. Juarez, Tijuana, Michoacan, Tamaulipas, etc, blew up and started spreading since Fidel Castro retired secretly in Palm Beach Florida, and since illegal communist cubans started being smuggled into the USA through Mexico. ( since anti castro activist exiles became unemployed protesting against Fidel Castro) Narco-communism

2) A Question: Are Paramilitary (Zetas) receiving orders from Gulf Cartel, and Gulf Cartel receiving orders from Washington or Oil companies?

( Main and most Oil reserves are in the Gulf of Mexico )

3) One more question: Is there a hidden war between the Mexican Mafia who controls US southwest and Mexican northern border and all Pacific Coasts v.s the new ( Contras) , Gulf Cartel and drug traffickers from Florida and Cuba?

4) Elections in Mexico & USA ( In both countries an electoral fraud took place) Bush & Calderon were selected, not elected.
google it, Cuba + drugs + cocaine + Raul Castro + terrorism + organized crime.

Most of US Citizens living aboard live in Mexico; So is terrorism worth for those who are spreading terrorism down there?
Give your opinion. THX
Sealing our borders is not a solution.
Florida’s maritime borders and ports of entry are the most corrupt borders in USA and we can’t seal those borders or any other border.
We don’t need closed or open borders.
We need SMART and regulated borders, and for that corruption in Arizona andFlorida must be eradicated.

Tijuana answers:


behind is some sort of antillean communism and terrorism

foreigner cartels and mafias are against national cartels and mafias

Sandra asks…

Are there killings in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico?

Theres a lot of drug wars and killing in Mexico. Is it safe in Playa Del Carmen? Its really far from the border, like on the beach on the other end. Look up a map on google if you dont understand. So is it safe to go there? Gracias!! 🙂

Tijuana answers:

Playa del Carmen has its share of minor crimes but not usually directed at tourists. A German girl was killed there and a German man was also killed there. The Ieniero couple from Toronto had their throats slashed there. An explosion killed 8 people there
Other than those and several more including the couple from Canada that were picked up on New Years eve. The police stole a few items and raped the Lady , all of this at the Police Station.
Other than that , Nothing much ever happens there. I say Boycott the place until they get their law enforcement in order.
Four Mexicans are facing 1st degree Murder charges for their Negligence in regard to construction practises.
You can verify all this , it is all a matter of record. Google the place and I don`t mean Maps
Please view the video Full Screen …She was fine when arrested and then a hospital bed??
There was a Bar in Cancun that was firebombed after refusing to pay protection money and 8 employees were burned alive
OMFG and People say it is safe!! OMG HERE IS A LINK OF SOME OF THE LATEST VICTIMS HTF anyone can seriously tell you it is safe in Mexico is in serious Psychological Denial and Can`t produce some facts to back up How safe it is!!! The Fact is ,they are blowing wind!!
I lost someone I knew to that MF they call La Barbie and Mexico should Introduce the Death Penalty and kill these violent freaks. My best friends`s wife`s Cousin was shot twice in the head for Badmouthing the Cartels at a restaurant and I had to attend two Funerals while in Acapulco for Dec and Jan last winter.
You people that say it is safe ….My Gosh!!

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