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Google Mexico Cartel

Laura asks…

Does Mexico have freedom of speech or not and should they? Explain why.?

Me and my partner are doing this UN debate thing for Social and our country is Mexico. We have to agree or disagree to this resolution that our country should have freedom of voice and be able to vote. So I searched on google if Mexico has freedom of voice first of all and theres nothing on it so if anyone can answer my question, that’d be great !

Tijuana answers:

Mexican law guarantees free speech. Articles 6 and 7 of the Mexican Constitution provide;

Article 6. The expression of ideas shall not be subject to any judicial or administrative investigation, unless it offends good morals, infringes the rights of others, incites to crime, or disturbs the public order.

Article 7. Freedom of writing and publishing writings on any subject is inviolable. No law or authority may establish censorship, require bonds from authors or printers, or restrict the freedom of printing, which shall be limited only by the respect due to private life, morals, and public peace. Under no circumstances may a printing press be sequestrated as the instrument of the offense….

However Mexico’s courts have not always agreed on what “offends good morals” as contained in Article 6 means. In 2008, A five-judge panel of Mexico’s Supreme Court upheld a fine imposed on a poet who wrote a poem deemed to be insulting to the Mexican flag. The words held to be offensive were: “I clean my urine on the flag of my country. That rag that dogs lie on and that represents nothing.”

It should however be noted that the biggest threat to free speech in recent times in Mexico are the infamous drug cartels who are responsible for the deaths of many journalists.It is believed that no fewer than 45 journalists have died in the line of duty for refusing to submit to censorship imposed on them by criminal gangs.

Paul asks…

I saw something that will stay in my mind forever?

So my friend told me to go in google and look at mexican cartel killings with chain saw and I looked at the video they didit so fast ..its like they were killing some anamals ..people in this earth have no hearth or love for one another its scary ..i can still pic it in my can I forget this plz help me it just makes me think we are nothing in this world

Tijuana answers:

Yeah things like that are hard to forget. I’m from México and I know that feeling, some horrible things are happening in here but you have to remember that not everyone is like that and that there are a lot of people who are the complete opposite of those guys.

Michael asks…

has anyone been to Mexico recently?

more specifically, to rocky point which is like 4hrs from the AZ border. is it as sketchy as people say it is down there with all the drug cartel wars, or is rocky point far enough away from all the action to go to without worrying about it?

Tijuana answers:

I am mexican.
Don’t take everything they say on the news too serious.
I’m 18, and I’ve never EVER seen anything related to drugs, wars, shooting and that bullshit.
Bad news spread really fast, not as good news do.
Don’t think of Mexico as if it was hell, cuz I can tell you it really is a beautiful country, with beautiful landscapes and beautiful culture and people.
Just google images from Mexico and u’ll fall in love with it.
Here’s a link to the city where I live. It’s called Guadalajara. It’s the second most populated after mexico city.


Here’s where I’ll spend my spring break.


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