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Google Mexico Jobs

Helen asks…

How do I get a working permit in New Mexico?

I’m 15 years old. I have searched google, and I didn’t find anything. I just want a job over the summer to make a little cash and have something to do. Thanks for the help

Tijuana answers:

Well your 15 so you cant. Not till your 16 legally

Nancy asks…

PLEASE HELP! Can new teachers get reciprocity for their teaching licenses in another state?

I have a PA teaching certificate and Masters degree in Teaching. I have an Instructional I teaching certificate in English 7-12.

The job market here in Pittsburgh is a nightmare. I want to move to New Mexico with my fiancé. I am currently in my first year of substitute teaching.

I know New Mexico reciprocates PA certificates, but does it reciprocate licenses of BEGINNING teachers?


Tijuana answers:

Google the NM dept of education and find out. Also, be prepared to jump through hoops. It took me a year of test taking to switch my license from NJ to CA, even with reciprocity and a lifetime credential.
You should find out NOW so you can get started if you need to. Also, if you know which city you’ll be in, you can contact a district education office and find out what you’ll need to do to start substituting.

Charles asks…

I just finished cosmetology school in mexico what do i have to do to get a job in the USA?

I’m a us citizen that is going to cosmetology school in mexico. I want to know if i still have to attend school in the US even if a have finished school in mexico? I try looking for an answer on Google but no luck at all hope someone could help me get an answer.

Tijuana answers:

Contact the agency in your state that is in charge of licensing cosmetologists in your state./

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