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Google Mexico Jobs

Chris asks…

Volunteer opportunities for me & my boyfriend in Mexico ?

We want to volunteer in Mexico but are not sure where to start.

We need something that we could do where we stay in the same hostel/hut/camp/whatever, we don’t want to be separated, but we will do separate jobs if we need to. I have a BS in psych and healthcare/ admin experience and he’s an electrician, but we will do something outside of that too. We were thinking of saving sea turtles maybe or doing something with marine life, or building things like houses.

Doesn’t matter what part of Mexico as long as it isn’t TOO dangerous.

We would do anything from a few weeks to several months.

We will pay for it but not TOO expensive.

Wanted to do Habitat for Humanity, but no opportunities right now!

Am getting lost and confused with just google searches and need some kind of suggestions, websites, or if you’ve done int’l volunteering please tell us about it!

Thank you! =)

Tijuana answers:

More than likely it would behoove you to look into the Peace Corp; or similar. They are most organized. There really is no need for you to pay when essentially you wish to give to society.

Sharon asks…

Is there oil rigs I can work on in brazil?

If so can I take all the education documents that I have and work on a oil rig in brazil? How much do they pay? How to approach Brazilian women?

Tijuana answers:

What nationality are you? Right now there are quite a few jobs on the rigs being offered to Americans that were offset by the lack of drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. The companies are Brazilian with subcontracts going to Americans that fall into this category. During my travels back and forth to Brazil I met a number of these guys on the flights. Not one spoke Portuguese so at least you qualify there. The major issue is that the visa they are given to work does not allow time out and about amongst Brazilians. They fly in, go to the rig, back from the rig and fly home for R&R. The pay, from what I understand is quite good but it’s 30 days on, 30 days off with a couple days to do turnover at the start and end of each 30-day period. Google Oil Jobs Brazil and you’ll see quite a few opportunities.

Not sure what Oil Rigs and Pay and Money have to do with Brazilian women unless you are hoping that due to the lack of your other qualities a decent job and money will inspire a Brazilian woman to find you attractive. Brazilian women are the same as women all over the world in that the good ones are as allusive as they are in Utopia. There are women ready to scam an easy target, like an oil rig worker coming ashore for some love, just like the Nigerian Princess ready to give you a part of her 20 million estate. Brazilian women like honesty, a sense of humor, the ability to converse in Portuguese, a job, the ability to spend money for more than a night, personality and most of all – know how to treat a woman. Get ready though because a Brazilian woman will leave you waiting for hours and think nothing of it if she happens to not show for a date. They are always late. She will become offended if you do not say “beijo” after speaking to her on the phone. She will expect you to meet her mother and father much sooner than other places I have been in the world.

BTW – there is no sense in asking additional questions in your comments when selecting a “Best Answer” since there is no means to respond. I was going to send you a PM and answer lots of your questions – except language since I lived in Brazil and went to school – but direct contact is blocked. To sum up your recent obsession with Brazil – you can not become a dual citizen or even a resident of Brazil without having very special skills (at least a Master’s Degree in a field lacking in Brazil), a child born in Brazil or a Brazilian Spouse. If/when you go to Brazil you will never be considered for employment unless you can speak Portuguese unless you are hired by a foreign company in Brazil (IBM or General Electric for example) but again, you must have very special skills. Good luck.

John asks…

Is there an easy place to find all those “World Around Me” facts for a baby book?

I promised myself after the last baby I wouldn’t wait so long, but here he is, 3 months old and how am I supposed to know the average price of gas in June?? Or what an average family vacation costs? Just wondering if any other moms found another solution. Last time I was on the internet for hours trying to figure all that nonsense out.

Tijuana answers:

This is all I could find but if you go to they might have something about vaca price 🙂

Cost of Living 2010
How Much things cost in 2010
Average Cost of new house $232,880.00
Cost of a gallon of Gas $2.73
US Postage Stamp 44 cents
Dozen Eggs $1.37
Loaf of Bread $2.49
Price Of Gold Per Ounce ( August 27th 2010 ) $1,237.00

Price Barrel Of Oil ( August 2010 ) $73.00 per barrel

What Events Happened in 2010

•The financial crisis and high unemployment continues with house prices still depressed due to the large number of foreclosures. Europe and America begin to pursue different courses to address the problems with Europe addressing budget deficits and the U.S. Continuing to try and spend the way out of the recession by creating more jobs.

•The 2010 Winter Olympics are held in Vancouver, Canada
United States

•The Healthcare Reform Bill passes in Congress changing the face of healthcare in the US
United States

•BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster in the gulf of Mexico leaves gulf beaches / fishing and the shellfish industry reeling, the true effects will not be fully understood for many years, New Deep Water Drilling Wells are stopped until regulators can catch up with the technology.

•The US increases the number of troops stationed in Afghanistan hoping to squash the Taliban and Alkida Terrorist groups that operate from and in the country

•Floods in Pakistan caused by higher than normal monsoon rains cause flooding on a scale unseen before with 20% of the country flooded, this leaves millions homeless, starving and causes major disruption to the country.

•Iran continues it’s path with construction of additional Nuclear Power Plants causing the United Nations to place even more sanctions on the country
South Africa

•The 2010 FIFA World Cup takes place in South Africa, Spain wins the World Cup
United States

•The Tea Party numbers grow in the United States prior to the upcoming November Mid Term Elections

•A magnitude 7 earthquake hits Haiti and devastates the country

•Elections In Australia leave no clear winner

•Apple releases the new Iphone 4 but problems with antenna design cause consumer problems

•Apple Releases the Ipad taking the new technology of touch screen computing to new levels

•Microsoft ( Bing ) and Yahoo ( Search ) combine search technology into a single unit attempting to break Google monopoly of search.

•Android powered phones begin to outsell Apple in the smart phone market.

Popular Culture 2010
•Justin Bieber who was discovered through a video placed on YouTube in 2008 continues to dominate the charts around the world attracting millions of fans showing the power of social networking.

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