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Google Mexico Jobs

Mary asks…

How is it possible to have ‘Homeland Security’ with open borders?

Tijuana answers:

It’s not possible. And that’s the way Georgie Boy wanted it from the start. And don’t forget he and the rest of the elite, power hungry, evil doing demons who control the world because of their money, are also plotting and planning to combine Mexico, Canada & US into one big happy family! It’s called the NAU. That’s why the bum hasn’t done anything about our borders. It’s also why 9/11 was an inside job. I highly encourage you to look into ALL of it. Http://

Linda asks…

A gentleman on here mentioned apendix 1213 or NAFTA that made Mexico sell tons of land to private hands and?

that set up over a million without jobs and heading to America, any more infoon this, thanks?
Yes look at the cookies lyou buy fromthe big boys. I called them and they told me they mark the boxes and that only 10% of the baking is done outof country. Go figure.

Tijuana answers:

I don’t know that specific Appendix, but NAFTA not only sent our jobs to Mexico, it introduced Mexico to the joys of Walmart price competition against the Chinese made goods, and decimated small business there. It greatly spurred illegal immigration, as Perot, previously thought to have been a nut, told everyone it was going to. All three main candidates want to keep it in place. Obama and Hillary would tie an environmental provision bow and ribbon on it first.

Ron Paul would veto it.

Vote for him and make a statement.

And you can google your appendix.

Carol asks…

American studying in the Philippines and wanting to work while studying?

It’s a bit complicated I think but anyways
I’m a Filipino American [dual citizenship] currently studying in the Philippines and still have about 2 years left to go before graduation.

I would like to work at night, preferably in a call center, in the mean time to earn on the side for savings when I graduate.

I was wondering if it is possible to apply to an American company based in the Philippines, as an American and work in the Philippines.

From what I know from my Mexican friend working in a Philippine call center, he applied to a company while living in Mexico and they pay him Mexican wages. Salary for Filipinos working in call centers is relatively low from the eyes of an American. I would like to know if applying as an American would give me a higher salary, and if that is even possible. Where could I look? Help!
Thank you!

Tijuana answers:

Based upon my experience and what my Filipino American neighbors have been telling me for the past ten years, the answer to your question is Yes. Your chances of gaining employment with a Call Center is better because you are a Filipino American, raised in the USA and have an American Accent. Also because you were raised stateside you have a much better understanding of the western culture, which is very important for Call Center employee’s.

For more then ten years I have owned a condo at Robinson’s Place Ermita right next to UP Manila. Over time living in Robinson’s Place I came to get to know my neighbor. Many of the building occupants are Filipino American, born and raised in the USA, but have returned to parents home land to attend UP Manila and live in their parents condo or rent one out. Since living at Robinson’s I have met numerous Filipino Americans like you who are now working at Call Center’s in Manila.

I suggest you start your research with the Internet. Use popular Internet search engine Google to aide you in your quest for employment in the Philippines.

Its always best to get hired stateside and transfer to the Philippines. There is always a chance you can obtain Call Center job in the Philippines, but may be more difficult. Your best bet is to establish points of contact because 80% jobs are hired through networking.

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