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Google Mexico Jobs

Ken asks…

how to change my location on my laptop?

so i am in mexico for vacation and i wanted to watch netflix. when i go to netflix it says “sorry this is not available in your country” how do i change it back to california? is that possible?

Tijuana answers:

You cant. It goes by the ip address. Only way you can is using a proxy site. A simple google: us proxy site. Will do the job.

Maria asks…

How has Black (“African American”) culture affected the world as a whole?

I would like positive details as to how you believe that Black culture has affected the world.

Tijuana answers:

I have none and you won’t find anything good either. It’s the Truth, take it or leave it I don’t care… They even sold their own to the jews for slave trade. They are insane BEASTS from the hell that follow the law of the jungle, if that… They should not be here in America with Whites, IN FACT all the different races should live Separately, together with their own in different Countries, Period… But the jew knows how COMMUNIST so-called “diversity” and “multiculturalism” kills off a People and Peoples and that is their agenda, they’re evil as hell… You can’t MAKE different kinds of people and races people like each other or think it will turn into one big melting pot of peace by doing so, that’s Insanity we are in NOW!! … Or think by shoving us all together it will “work out” somehow … Totally INSANITY!… SILENT GENOCIDE!!!! That’s COMMUNISM!!!!! …….. WE ARE IN A COMMUNIST RUN COUNTRY, and the illegal Corporation that everyone thinks is a government, runs it (that is why they are not liable to the Constitutional laws or to the People of America…HELLO!!!… It’s a GIANT FRAUDULENT CORPORATION!) … Starting with the ILLEGAL “federal” bank, run by jews!….. The Creature from Jekyll Island : A Second Look at the Federal Reserve, by G. Edward Griffin, good book, good film… [Eustace Mullins first talked about this in his book]… But, nobody cares, so they won’t read it, watch it, or research it… That’s the American COMMUNISTS from hell “government’s” job, right…So that is what they have BRAINWASHED most people to believe, especially White America)…… America is already going to hell and we recently went from a AAA rating to a AA rating… But, who cares right… China will save us…

Google: ‘nelson mandela kill the boars whites’ and Google: ‘white Zimbabwe farmers murdered’ then tell me what you think the black people think about white people secretly… When Mandela dies the blacks plan to MURDER ALL the WHITES in Zimbabwe, and I’m sure they will keep going from there… They HATE us (Whites)!! With a kind of hate whites will not ever understand, whites aren’t suppose to understand it, we (me, whites) aren’t like them, they are Sick and Disturbed and NO it can’t be fixed. Can a molded tare in the Wheat field be salvaged… Or does the farmer take it up and burn it… Enough said… GET THEM THE HELL AWAY FROM US!!!!!….. I HATE THEM WITH A PERFECT HATE!! Not their kind of disturbed hate… They murder just to murder and leave the dead bodies of families behind in their homes… And then they rape the women and children, then they beat the men of the house down in a group on one WHITE person, even old men, disabled peoples, Grandfathers and Grandmothers, they don’t care!! And so on… And they cut the guts cut out of children and family members of the WHITE people and family members sometimes and so on… Some of them cut the vaginas off women and carry them in their wallet for “power” Enough said… I HATE them!! …… If you bring black people into America, you will get Africa, Chinese, China, Mexicans, Mexico, GET IT? …. Anti-Racist is a code word for ANTI-WHITE!! …… “diversity” and “multiculturalism” = SILENT COMMUNIST WHITE PEOPLE GENOCIDE FROM HELL!!!!! ………

Asia for the Asians
Africa for the Africans
White Countries for Everyone

Anti-Racist is CODE WORD for Anti-WHITE

“diversity” and “multiculturalism” is silent GENOCIDE of WHITE PEOPLE!!

Paul asks…

Why is the Mexican Unemployment Rate lower than Americas?

Isnt the reason many Mexicans come to the U.S. is because theres no jobs in Mexico?

Then how do you explain this?

Tijuana answers:

Illegals don’t count because they’re not eligible for unemployment benefits!

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