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Lisa asks…

I’m looking to get my nose done, does anyone know of any good surgeons?

I’m looking to get my nose done, my mom told me to get it done at monterey, mexico where she heard of many spanish soup operas go to. However, I can’t find it. Does anyone know of any good surgeons that give a a good price on nose jobs?

Tijuana answers:

Why not just google surgeons in your local area, get some numbers and call around.

Ken asks…

How many people are laid off per day?

I need this info in order to write an essay. So can you please get back to me. Thanks

Tijuana answers:

Em, unfortunately there aren’t no current figures you can get this information. So you’ll have to Google the April 09 US unemployment figures.

The next current US umemployment figures aren’t released until the second week of June.

I’ll tell you what I know, is everyday we see on the news here in Australia, is thousands more Americans loosing their jobs. Also many more globally known American company’s, banks, franchises and businesses are closing down.

They might not be telling you this in the USA a lot of popular US television shows and new US film post productions are suffering badly too. Many high profile US actors are also taking pay cuts and selling their homes. Also this is why all new US film post production is being currently being moved to Mexico.

Also your President is currently working very hard with a lot of assistants from our Prime Minister and Australian government and, other Commonwealth and European governments.

To offer employment opportunities to assist unemployed skilled, apprenticed trained or in apprentiship training Americans and their families with a employment solution.

By financially investing in keeping businesses open in the United States and offering skilled, apprenticed trained or in apprentiship training Americans and their families easier migration and full time employment.

Also for Americans who were made unemployed before completion their trade apprenticeship to continue their trade apprenticeship skills training in fulltime paid employment and trade education studies in our countries.

Which have many open vacancy’s, that can offer highly paid full time employment in all skilled and trade industries. For many unemployed American skilled workers and their families.

Believe me, many Americans don’t realise that their President is currently working his butt off to get unemployed Americans working again. While trying to clean up the giant mess left by their last President and government.

Thomas asks…

Why is mickey rourke called the come back kid?

if you look at his imdb page he has done at least one movie every year. people are saying he has ben out of show business for a decade and thats simply not true. im confused?

Tijuana answers:

I know what you mean. People seem to be selling him short. He’s been in a few great movies over the past 14 years or so after he had to quit boxing. The Pledge, Spun, Once Upon A Time In Mexico, and Sin City to name a few. I think they’re calling him a come-back kid because he’s sort of “back on top” so to speak. The roles he’s been able to get over the years were only smaller parts, not top credits or anything. With “The Wrestler” he’s the star of the movie and is getting all of the rightfully earned recognition. I just think people have finally seen Mickey’s star shining extra bright in his roll as Randy “the ram”. I’m super excited for him, he deserves all the success in the world!! Hope that helped?

I just wish that he didn’t get that facelift and all those nose jobs 🙁 I know he got a lot of damage from boxing, but even before he quit boxing he went under the knife and botched up his face with a set of disfiguring cheek implants…..I’m serious too, google it! Lol. But anyways, he’s looking really good these days. It’s just a shame to me that he must’ve felt that get plastic surgery and perhaps turning back the clock would help him get better roles? But hey, he’s human like the rest of us…I don’t mean to past judgement, I’m a huge fan!

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