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Google Mexico Jobs

John asks…

hola we are living in mexico ….we found a swarm of bees in a rusted drum , how do we start a bee hive box?

Tijuana answers:

To build a Bee Hive Box is a big job you should google Bee Keepers and get Information from them good luck i hope you can save the hive

Laura asks…

is there dental hygienist jobs in amarillo tx?

is it easy to find job opportunities as a Dental Hygienist in Amarillo,Texas.I would like to know,brcause I am interested in moving up north to Texas.

Tijuana answers:

North to Texas?

Only place south of us is Mexico.

To get job here u need certification
in TX. At least.

Never mind other legal work paper.

Google dentists in area u interested
then call one by one till u find

Good knowledge is good luck.

Donald asks…

Is is possible to become a US citzenship, if my dad is an American and i was born in Mexico.?

I have lived here in the US all my life not knowing if was born in Mexico until found out i couldnt get a job. Now I am 18 and graduated high school, I have a kid and i need to support him but i cant get a job. My dad is a US citzen and was born in the US, but the bad thing is that he passed away 2 years ago. Is there any way i can get a Green Card still or is it to late?

Tijuana answers:

With proof that your dad was really your biological father [a birth certificate says so should be enough], you have the right to become an American citizen anytime between now and your 21st birthday.

Then, you won’t need a green card.

Consult INS or an immigration attorney for details.

Anyone born in 1991, as you were, who has at least one biological American parent who was an adult when the child was born, is an American under the law, no matter where born. Use google to search out the Federal law on this.

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