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Ruth asks…

Did Dino’s and humans walk the earth at the same time?

In the book of Job 40:15-24 it describes what seems to be a dinosour. The tail is decribed as it is swaying ceder. What do you think?

Tijuana answers:

The answer is YES.

You may have seen my name come up in answer to similar questions and also noted my detractors who could not produce one piece of evidence only here say.

Check these out on Google or Yahoo.

Paluxy River, Glen Rose Tx. – Cretaceous (See below)

Village of Khonga-Pil in Turkestan – Reported in Russian media.

New Mexico – Permian

Australia – Pleistocene

Dinosaur Valley State Park.

In all of the above Human footprints are found in the same sedimentary layer as Dinosaurs and together with the tracks of Dinosaurs.

After an Archaeologist gave a lecture on the find in Texas at a meeting in 1989 two evolutionists immediately left for Glen Rose and with a crowbar destroyed the footprints. Their work was in vain as more Dinosaur and Human footprints were later uncovered by the Texas drought in 1999.

William asks…

Any chances for unqualified trainee tefl teacher abroad?

Hi im a trainee tefl teacher , I am studying towards my tefl qualification but only halfway through with good knowledge.Are their any opportunities outside the uk for someone in my situation ? any feedback i would be grateful for.

Tijuana answers:

I’m not sure how your qualification translates into terms that I know. There are programs for people who have an undergraduate degree- the JET program in Japan, for example. But it’s going to be much harder if you don’t yet have a degree. In the U.S., you would get a bachelor’s degree and then add a TEFL certificate or an M.A. (you need a master’s degree for the better jobs). Places that used to hire native speakers with any undergraduate degree, such as Mexico, now require a degree and at least a certificate.
I know of some summer programs you could do- there’s a good one at the University of West Bohemia in the Czech Republic where you take a course in TEFL in the mornings and teach for 2 hours every afternoon, but you have to pay for it. You can Google the Summer Language Institute at that school for more info.

George asks…

Are Birther demands of Obama proof that AZ can target legal immigrants?

If Birthers demand the papers of Obama and are unconvinced what chance do the rest of us dark skinned Americans have?

Tijuana answers:

Congress also passed a law from now on candidates must prove U.S. Birth. The DNC only certified to one state, Hawaii, that Obama was born in the U.S. The other 49 they only certified that he was their nominee. Arizona law enforcement is only enforcing the law that is in the U.S. Code. If they ask for proof from anyone it will be incidental to contact with Police for other crimes committed. I am a retired Police Officer from the Ca. Az. Mexico border. My city and the neighboring cities are predominantly Hispanic populations and the City Councils are totally Hispanic. The community leaders that are Hispanic asked the Councils that their Police Officers enforce U.S. Immigration law. We turned the illegals over to the Border Patrol and our crime rates went down. When the illegals heading north found out that they would be arrested and turned over to the Border Patrol they changed their routes to the west. Also every Police Officer takes an oath to “Protect and Defend the Constitution and Enforce All Laws, State, Local and Federal”. To not do so is an “Act of Omission” and the officer could be prosecuted. Arizona asked the Obama Administration and this Congress for help with this problem and Obama responded by cutting back by 180 the amount of Border Patrol agents on the border. This Administration and Congress are obstructing our Federal Officers from doing the job we are paying them to do.


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