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Robert asks…

what do you need to be good at for computer engineering?

what do you need to be good at? and if your not good at those thing, when you get into the field do you learn everything from a clean slate?
what type of classes would you take

also what types of jobs are there that you can do with a computer engineering degree?

Tijuana answers:

(In my experience studying at mexico):

– Math
– Physics
– Logic
– Programming

With those you can do all the other stuff, since circuits, electronics, computer architecture and other are derivatives from those.

If you are not good at those you will need to learn to be somewhat acceptable. I am not that good at physics, but I’ve learned to be good at Math and programming.

Types of jobs is up to you. Wheter it can be consulting, or technician, or professor. I was considering to try to work at MS or Google. But I’ve come to like investigation or even teaching.

Good luck with you bachelor picking.

Nancy asks…

What are the probelms of managing an inhabited environment prone to tectonic hazards?

Please provide examples when you can.

Tijuana answers:

I googled “tectonic hazards” (earthquakes & volcanoes) to see what I could find. This is from The British National Space Center:

“Earthquakes and volcanoes can be devastating. The eruption of volcanoes in populated areas causes great hardship for local people and disrupts communications and infrastructure.
The San Francisco Bay Area of California is particularly at risk from earthquakes because it lies on a plate boundary called the San Andreas Fault. In 1989, an earthquake measuring 6.9 on the Richter Scale coincided with the afternoon rush hour and brought chaos to the city.
We associate many features with plate boundaries, including fold mountains, active volcanoes and fault zones. Long lines of plate boundaries occur beneath the oceans with features related to the plate movements. These include volcanic peaks (sea mounts), mid-ocean ridges and deep ocean trenches. Tectonic hazards such as earthquakes and active volcanoes occur mainly at the plate edges.
In populated areas, these hazards can lead to devastation and loss of life. It is very difficult to predict when these events will take place. In addition, secondary events such as mudslides or tidal waves, resulting directly from the initial hazard, can wreak their own havoc and cause more damage.”

On a personal level, I have lived in California, Mexico and Japan and experienced large earthquakes in all 3 places. The last major earthquake I experienced directly was the Great Hanshin Earthquake in Kobe, Japan in 1995. That 7.2 quake lasted 20 seconds (seemed like a lifetime!), killed 6000 people, started fires that raged for days, and caused about $100 billion in damage, including destroyed buildings, toppled highways and railway lines, and disruption to major pipelines.
See the Wiki link for more info and/or google “plate tectonics”
(again Wiki does a great job presenting difficult science well).

James asks…

What does manifest destiny have to do with Illegal Immgration?

any info would help.
blurt out whatever you want, i won’t be offended or report you.
this is reality, and this is history.

Tijuana answers:

It has to do with the fact that northern Europeans began taking over this continent from the east while Spain came up through Mexico from the southwest. Seems simple enough but the problem is that the southern border of USA is where two entirely different cultures and languages meet. Remember, this process began hundreds of years ago. The North had Louis Pasteur with his new germ theory, The South had macho.

Picture a map of Europe, the Atlantic ocean, North and South America. Now imagine an arrow from England and Germany and Scandanavia to America’s east coast. Picture another arrow from Spain going around the tip of South America, coming up to the west side of Mexico and taking in all the territory of California, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and parts of Kansas and Wyoming. Spain owned that at one time.

Other lines existed, like from France around Florida to New Orleans and they pretty much owned the middle of USA all up through the Mississippi river and most of the midwest.

Russia owned Alaska and had dealings into Washington State.

We solved the French problem with the Louisiana Purchase, we bought it from France.

We bought Alaska from Russia.

But the Spaniards we had to fight wars with to take the land. By about 1850 USA had defeated the Spanish Forces and owned pretty much the borders we have now.

Texas is a special case. Texas fought the Mexicans and won it’s own independence as a sovereign nation, which lasted about 10 years before it joined USA. Google John Houston.

So “manifest destiny” had finally been accomplished, USA owned the continent from sea to shining sea.

(take a breath)

The problem with “illegal immigration” is that Mexico is a 3d world country, corrupt politically, where most of the population is poor, illiterate, and living in what amounts to feudal serfdom. And it’s right up against the richest, best job market for cheap labor in the world.

DEMOGRAPHICS: Since world war 2 “white folks” have a low reproduction rate. This has to do with the fact that in affluent democracies (like Europe and Japan now) children are not an asset, they are a cost.

Mexico has a high birth rate. Even back in 1980 Mexico produced one million 18 year-olds every year and there were not one million new jobs every year. So they came here taking the most menial jobs like working in slaughterhouses, butchers, fixing cars, anything.

“Illegal aliens” was not an issue then because these were single young men who worked here for 6 months and then went home to be replaced by their brother. USA liked the cheap labor, they were polite, kept a low profile, and didn’t cause any disruption in America’s culture.

But in the 1990s they started bringing their families. High birth rate. Soon in places like Los Angeles there were huge areas where they didn’t even have to try to learn English because it was nothing but Mexicans for miles and miles.

They began going to other big cities. Etc etc etc.
So basically Mexico is retaking USA one house at a time.
The problem with this is that cheap labor drives down wages. The problem with this is that Americans don’t want to have to learn a foreign language just to read the lables at the store. The problem with this is that once upon a time American teenagers could get a job but now they can’t because Jose or Maria already have them.

In the 1980s I was working in the poorer neighborhoods of Los Angeles. I’m a white guy from the suburbs, was fixing apartments. I began telling people I knew around USA “I have seen the future of America and the future does not speak English”. They didn’t understand then but now they do.

I had to leave the remodeling business because I couldn’t compete with the cheap labor the “brown tidal wave” provided. I was too expensive. But you know what; if I was a poor man in Mexico I would come here too. Got nothing against them.

Fortunately the Mexican people are mostly very good people, I personally like them. The culture they bring with them includes the 3 things necessary for civilization: family/church/work ethic. Oh sure, there’s a lot of crime. I think about 1/3 of our jails are full of illegals. But not because they are evil, but because any time you crowd a bunch of poor people together, that’s just going to happen. Compare to Gary Indiana in the 70s, there it was the Afro-Americans. Same deal.

So, while I am the first one to say “close the border” and “no amnesty”, I really know that this tide can’t be stopped and by about 2040 I figure (joke here:) the Spanish-speaking Legislature will put the last of the old English-only folks on the reservation just like we did to the American Indians (Native Peoples).

So the Monroe Doctrine worked. USA took the land. But it was only temporary.

Hopefully this helps.

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