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Google Mexico Jobs

Susan asks…

What are some celebrities that u think died that shouldnt have?

i personally think that 2pac, Kurt Cobain, and Biggie Smalls shouldnt have died. No one can compare to their greatness

Tijuana answers:

If I had to name just 1, I would say Tupac, and next to him, Bob Marley, because he reached people the way Marley did. Alot of people dont know about his personal character because of the bad news that always surrounded him and the type of music he chose to do (“anybody with thug life tattooed on their chest is automatically guilty”). He would have been one of these celebrities turned politicians because he was very opinionated and was very good at leading people. He was an activist and if you look at his life story, its the stuff that hollywood legends are made out of. I like Kurt Cobain and Biggie too but come on, Tupac has his own foundation now and summer camp. I wear a Jimi Hendrix sweater 24/7 so Im a huge fan of his too, but he just made music. Legendary music, but he wasnt really on the political level or social level that Tupac was. The guy came from such poverty but was dating people like Madonna and even when he was super famous he would go into regular house parties in the ghettos without any security. He was a genuine honest person, or at least did a very good job of acting like it. Im a huge Kurt Cobain fan too, I was a Nirvana fan long before I was a Tupac fan, and if you look up the phrase “the white mans tupac” in google, you will find Kurt Cobain mentioned most of the time, so alot of people compared the 2. But Kurt Cobain reached mostly white people, Tupac appealed mostly to poor people of all races. Ive met just as many white fans of 2pac as I have black fans, but I rarely meet a black fan of Kurt Cobain. There’s Tupac murals on walls from Mexico to Sierra Leone and he continues to outsell everybody else everytime his albums come out 13 years after his death. People appreciate Tupac because he was the kind of guy you could depend on to speak up about something if it wasnt right. Even if it meant losing face or losing fame or money over it, you could depend on him to say what others wouldnt and talk about real issues in his music too, not just gangster life and drugs and money like alot of other rappers. I mean his first hit was Brendas Got a Baby, a song about teenage mothers in America, at a time when Gangster Rap was the big thing.

Paul asks…

What is one good free site that you can buy things from china that are cheaper?

I want to buy like a dell laptop and i want it cheaper what is one good site where i can import it from china to here or give me a list of sites

Tijuana answers:

So many people think buying from China is cheaper, it’s definitely not.
I was in the market for a Lenovo X200s, a $1300 USD Laptop that was literally made 10 kilometers down the street from where I lived. I go to a nice computer shop, they take me up to the top of the building, giving me the VIP treatment, and show me the gorgeous laptop.

Their asking price: Over 14,000 RMB
My price in the US: About 9,000 RMB or 1300 USD.
I could put every part I could want in to the US model and still it would be cheaper than the stock crappy one from China.

Here’s the General procedure:
-A US Company ships the PARTS to China for assembly in their factories. This generally saves some money Vs Mexico or the US.
-The parts travel on a boat, adding a little bit of cost for shipping.
-The parts are assembled in China.
-Since the laptops are owned by the US companies, and are intended for sale in the US-Intl market, they are shipped back to the US.
-The laptops travel on a boat and add a little bit for shipping.
-The laptops sit in a warehouse in the US and are sent to distributors in the US etc.
-A company in China wants to sell them, so they buy above wholesale the Laptops.
-The laptops travel on a boat to China and add a little for shipping costs.
-The laptops arrive at China Customs, and an Import tax is placed on them. This is then reflected to the customer.
-Costs for more shipping are applied, and then costs for the store buying from the distributor and more shipping.
-The laptops arrive back in china, literally next door, and have 8 different shipping costs, IMPORT TAX costs, and the markup from the producer, wholesaler, retailer, and anything else they want to throw on added to the mix.

Thus they are not cheaper unless they are a Chinese brand (haier or something)
Then those will be made in china, possibly with all Chinese parts, then sold to the Chinese people.

However the price will be jacked up so its only a tiny bit cheaper than the imported laptops because those communists are really capitalists in hiding.

I even went to a place that sells used computers (it was real shady and dirty so that generally means the prices will be good)
And for stuff like a HPtx1000 (old first gen touchscreen laptop) they wanted like 500 or so USD and on ebay you can get a NEWER better one for less money!
Same with macbooks which don’t usually shift in price they were all expensive especially considering half were stolen, and the other half were third hand.

If you want to save money consider looking into a paid site for that. If you do a good job the cost savings will more than pay off the membership fee.
However you still have to factor in shipping, and the fact that the laptop cost difference wont really make it worth wile.

Lookup Dell coupons or a employee passcode or something.
I literally get 30% off using a CPP code that can be found on google at

Sandra asks…

In Spanish, How to Say “They CHARGED $100 for the job”?

Please, DO NOT use electronic translators, such as Google Translator.
Please, TELL ME where you are from (It’s very important in my research)

I am Brazilian

Translate into Spanish, please.

1. They CHARGED $100 for the job.

2. They charged me $10 dollars for a coffee.

3. They are reminding us aboutthe money we owe them

Tijuana answers:

Ellos cobraron 100$ por el trabajo.
Ellos me cobraron diez dollares por un café

So.. The translation of the word “charge” in spanish would be “cobrar”
Good luck!

Oh and I´m from mexico.

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