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Google Mexico Jobs

Michael asks…

Where can i find job openings in acapulco, mexico?

I have been all over yahoo and google and cant find anything. I really just want to work on a resort or do some personal training. Or maybe even work as an on site travel rep. Please Help!?!?!?!

Tijuana answers:

I have been EXACTLY where you are at. I searched and searched. You cannot do what your trying to do from the computer keyboard. I tried ! You must come down here and hit the pavement. There just no websites that have info.Come on a sunday , talk to the hotel people and monday morning go to the resorts, whatever your field is. Plan , plan plan so when you land you know basically what your plan of action will be. Good luck you will need it.
E mail me if you need something. I’ll help an anyway I can

James asks…

What would illegal Chinese immigrants have to face to get to the USA?

I’m doing this article for class: How would illegal Chinese immigrants (from China) have to pass in order to arrive to the USA border lines? By foot. I mean do they have to swim the oceans, pass mountains, rocks, or ..?
Not now in modern times, i meant in 1960’s.

Tijuana answers:

There are three ways that Chinese illegal immigrants get here. The first way is to pay smugglers to transport them by ship. Google “Golden Venture” for an example. The second way is to enter Mexico or Canada and then sneak across. The third way is to come here on a F-1 student, B-1 visit, or temporary work visa and then overstay. Seasonal employers in summer and winter resorts often hire foreign nationals who pay $1,500 to fly here for the privilege of washing dishes 8 hours a day. They do this not because dishwashing pays so well, but because it gets them into the US. When the seasonal job is finished, they disappear into the US economy.

Michigan has an official unemployment rate of 13% with teen unemployment being much higher, yet for some reason the state’s only national park, Isle Royale, hires Chinese nationals to work in the backrooms of its restaurants and hotel. I’d love to see evidence that the companies running the restaurant/hotel actually advertised jobs among college and high school students in Michigan before bringing in foreign indentured servants. I washed dishes my freshmen year in college, and as a Michigan teen in the 80s, I would have loved to have spent the summer earning money on Isle Royale. “Illegals do jobs Americans won’t do” is true only in agriculture, not in other employment sectors, where unskilled Americans have been laid off or had their hourly wages cut as more illegal workers are hired.

Mandy asks…

Best travelling jobs; leading groups travelling, volunteering etc. Any ideas please?

I am looking for a job that is primarily travelling, adventure and working outdoors.
In any country’s, with good pay.
Job’s such as leading for world Challenge, duke of Edinburgh etc but full time.
i would like to know a wide variety of jobs; from working with animal conservation in africa, to taking people skiing in Switzerland.

Nothing to do airports, or airplanes ect.

Any suggestions, help or info would be great 🙂

No stupid comments please. x

Tijuana answers:

I know in Mexico they have a program for helping children. I found it on the work abroad site. New Zealand has site, google it i am not sure.

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