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Google Mexico Jobs

Richard asks…

How do you help stop the mindless greedy violence in Central and South America?

….when you are just a struggling single mom in Phat America? …or anyone who has their own family to think of too…

Things are so much worse out there and life is valued waaay lower. Our dogs are better protected than some countries children. What is the most effective way to help the good people of the lower Americas?

Tijuana answers:

There is a serious need for revolution and redistribution of wealth. Much of Latin America has the problems that it has becasue there is by and large no middle class. There are exceptions such as Chile, which through a socialist revolution in the early 1970’s redistributed wealth, and now has a large and healthy middle class.

The U.S. Government, will continue to do its best to stop in serious redistribution of wealth in Latin America, because as a nation we still operate under the Truman Doctrine. I am not a socialist, however I believe that socialism is a tool that can sometimes help a nation evolve into a true free market economy. I would hold up China as an example. China was a nation not unlike much a Latin America, with wealth concentrated in the hands of a few corrupt persons. China had the revolution under Mao, and is now evolving into a free market capitalist system. I have a few problems with the Chinese model of revolution and evolution including the outlawing of the free practice religion, mandatory abortions for woeman with more than one child, and the execution of dissentors, but perhaps the revoultionaries in Latin America can do a better job.

The IRA, now that the troubles are over in Ireland, has moved into Mexico, to help foment a revoltion. To find out how you can help Google IRA+Mexico

Sandra asks…

Is there a way to lengthen your own penis if you somehow got a hold of another person’s severed/lost penis?

If so, what is the procedure called? How much does it cost? Is it covered by insurance or do I pay out of pocket? Is there a minimum size for the severed penis or can anyone’s severed penis add length to your penis?

Tijuana answers:

Sure can! It’s called “Phalloplasty”. You can make a penis out of anything, even a finger, arm, leg, whatever. So, you can also take a dead man’s penis, or whoever you kidnapped, put it in ice and take it with you to a surgeon who performs this surgery. Most likely you’ll have to go to China, or Mexico to have this procedure done, but it’s definitely worth it.

Here’s a site that you can apply for a loan in order to have it done. It falls under cosmetic since it isn’t a life or death situation, or due to illness.


Usually costs around 10k if you want a good job, maybe cheaper or more expensive depending on the skill of the surgeon. Chances are insurance WILL NOT cover it due to it being cosmetic surgery, however if you manage to somehow get cancer in that penis, or someone attacks your penis, or you make it a requirement to get it done, they may cover it (this also depends on how good your health insurance is).

Any normal surgeon will wonder why you want to attach a dead man’s penis to your penis, and will probably recommend a surgery to have the girth and length increased instead through artificial means, or to amputate your penis all together and just use another body part instead (why use 2 penises when you can just use an arm? Etc.)

Here’s some advice: If you want a radical surgery like this done, don’t waste time in most the states. There are alot of underground type surgeons who will do whatever you want them to do as long as you supply the money. Do a search on google and you’re bound to find some boards explaining some, or just do some searching and calling them.

Aim for Mexico if you have no success here in the states, not to sound racist but a lot of doctors in Mexico will do anything for you if you supply the money, but they can’t always guarantee to your health afterwards (infections do occur quite frequently in those areas). But seriously, a doctor in Mexico WILL do it for you guaranteed. If you still have no success in Mexico and you have some extra money in your pocket try China as a last resort.

When you ask about the procedure (Phalloplasty) and they tell you that the procedure doesn’t involve connecting your penis to another penis, verify it to them by asking for “Allotransplanting”.

Don’t ask how I know all this lol 🙂 but best of luck with your surgery!

Lizzie asks…

Medical Coding in Jefferson City, Missouri – What is the average salary for medical coders in Jefferson City?

What professional certification or national credential do I need for a coding career and jobs in Missouri?

Tijuana answers:

Medical coding salary in Jefferson City, MO is between $52,000 and $61,000 a year, which works out to $19-33/hour. As far as qualifications go, you will need a national certification like CPC from AAPC (or CCS-P from AHIMA) for a proportionate salary.

AAPC is the largest organization for medical coders in the US, which makes the certification that much more valuable. To get certified, you need to pass the CPC exam with a score of at least 70%.

Here’s a Google document that explains the certification requirements and salary figures in Jefferson City:

This information holds true for all the surrounding local places as well:
• Fulton
• Columbia
• Mexico
• Rolla
• Sedalia
• Moberly
• Washington
• Marshall
• Lebanon
• Wentzville
• Lake Saint Louis
• Wildwood
• Saint Peters
• Warrensburg
• Ellisville

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