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Sandy asks…

Can my boyfriend rent an apartment with social that is not valid for work?

Hello and thank you for taking the time to answer my question.
So my Boyfriend is 22 and looking for housing in the metro area. The problem is that he was brought here at a young age fro Mexico. When he got here his grandmother went to the social security office and applied for a social for him. His mom got it in the mail. I asked her about it and it is a sheet of paper that has the DHS seal on it and also says that is not valid for employment. What does this mean for my boyfriend? Is it legitimate? Apparently he lost the actual social when he was a kid (he tore it up)
He just recently applied for the Deferred action and i’m a little worried that he will get penalized. Please help me!

Thank you. 🙂

Tijuana answers:

Do not get married unless u want to waste 10,000s$.

Now here if he has money up front he can rent month to month.
If he has enough money – 3 months- he can get a 6 month lease.

If he does not know the SS number he “got” he better figure
ways to create income with out a job for next few years.

Here no SS card = NO jobs.

He can google the changes in immigration laws / status.

Donna asks…

What is a criminal conviction code? How can you find this out without going to a police station?

I applied for a job and I have a conviction, they are asking for the conviction code, what is this?

They advised me to go to a police station to find this out but is there any other way to find it out without talking to police?
I live in UK, not USA, this is a criminal conviction, not driving related.

Tijuana answers:

Online for every state there is a site where you can find the code you want with a little work. In New Mexico, for example, you would Google or Yahoo search for NMSA 1978 (New Mexico Statutes Annotated, 1978) to find the state legislative site that has the criminal code. In California you search for an online version of the California Penal Code, wherein 484(a) is misdemeanor but petty theft and 487(a) is grand theft. For general purposes, search for “(name of your state) criminal code.”

Betty asks…

How can I find if someone won a lottery?

My brother quit his job 5 years ago and hasn’t really worked since then. Not on welfare of any type. He is good at being frugal, but the month long trips to Mexico and Europe with his girlfriend once in awhile stump me. I think he won hundreds of millions and just won’t tell anyone..

Tijuana answers:

Google him.

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