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Donald asks…

Swine flu: Do you expect huge increases in illegal immigration from Mexico into US?

There is mass fear and panic in Mexico, so naturally Mexicans will be running to the border. They have always found a way to illegally cross the border for years even if there is the tightest border security placed now.

Tijuana answers:

Bret, you probably do not know anything about Mexico and mexicans. In fact, a large portion of the “illegals” are not mexicans, but people from other countries, like El Salvador, Honduras.

And yes, there is a lot of mexicans in the USA, both illegally and legally. We have USA citizens here too (my wife is a USA citizen and lives with me here in Monterrey pretty good). And I know “illegals” from your country here too. It is not false. It is a reality.

Just as most of the USA people wants to live in the USA, the vast majority of the mexican people will stay in Mexico. Because we do not want to go to your country. We love Mexico, and we love our history and culture.

It is false that we do not have here health care, and it is false that we are running to the border to go to the USA In fact, your country is the only occidental country that do not consideres health care as a citizen right. We do. Our constitution estates it. We have public health care and private health care, and it is good enough, even for the american citizens wo decided to live in Mexico, who are choosing the public health care system (Seguro Popular).

Well, in fact a lot of people often runs to the border, but to go shopping to Mcallen or Laredo. Just take a look about the opinions of the commerce cameras of those cities about closing the borders.

We have here jobs, schools, universities, malls, cities just like yours. Take a look at google earth, because it is incredible that many of you still believe that we are sleeping beside a cactus. We have here industries and we are doing our job.

And yes, there si fear about the flu, but not mass fear, not panic. That is false.

Many people here is now resting at home.

We are 108,000,000, do you really think that we are running to your country, where we are mistreated, while your countrymen are always welcome in Mexico?

Daniel asks…

What are interesting facts about the spanish during their conquest years?

Are there any interesting facts about their civilization at the time they conquered the Aztecs and incas? Just any random facts they did. Also What were there major cities back then? I tried google-ing this but whenever i put spaish facts it wouldnt work and only brought up the most recent stuff. PLEASE HELP

Tijuana answers:

Well, I can’t say for Incas, but I can say for the Aztecs because as a mexican I should know at least a bit about mexican history.

You would be amazed to know that the total number of spaniards that conquered the Aztecs wasn’t in the thousand, or even in the hundreds. There were only about 40 Spaniards that reached Tenochtitlán (the city where current downtown Mexico City is).

You might think then, well if so few soldiers conquered the war hungry Aztecs, there must have been very few of em right?


Pretty accurate population statistics state that Tenochtitlán had a population of about 13 million people. Yes, 13 million people in just 1 city.

Maybe the spaniards were really tall and stuff, everyone knows mexican are short right? Um.. No. The Aztecs had a very healthy diet based on corn tortillas that aren’t fried, sqash, beans, chile, cactus and several assorted meats such as fish. The Aztecs were very tall and muscular people, mexicans got short because their diet got worse and worse over the centuries when spaniards forced them to change their diet.

The magical weapon the Spaniards used to conquer the Aztecs wasn’t a spear or a cannon, it was a biological weapon, the virus that causes smallpox. It wasn’t even intentional, but man did that disease kill ’em like flies.

And they didn’t conquer Tenochtitlán in the first try. They got their butts kicked by the Aztecs and ran off back to Spain with a few more men. However, the virus started to do it’s job on it’s own and by the time they came back, over 95% of the Aztec population was wiped clean in just a year.

The Aztec king at the time, Moctezuma III had the disease and it was his cousin, Cuitláhuac who greeted Hernan in defeat. Also, we could say the Spaniards got a little help from neighboring tribes such as the village of Tacuba and I believe Texcoco allied with them as well because everyone wanted to conquer the Aztecs who loved performing human sacrifices each day (and thus needed a good population of victims).

My dad was telling me that if the king of a ally tribe in Michoacán had allied with te Aztecs because they weren’t infected with the disease, they could have stopped the Spaniards right there and Mexico would have become a far different country than it is today. For one we would probably be all speaking nahuatl.

James asks…

What are the negatives of Toxic Industrial Waste?

I’m doing a debate in biology class and I’m on team B. Team B has to find the NEGATIVES on “Toxic Industrial Waste” Team B debates with team A. Team A’s job is to find the good. Can Anyone please help me find the NEGATIVES for Team B?

Tijuana answers:

Boy, did you ever luck out – I would hate to be on the A team on this one.

(1) Many are carcinogenic, poisonous, or both. Case in point, PCBs. If you google and read on PCBs you will find that they have now made it all the way to the arctic and antarctic, are in most of the water table, and are very bad news, indeed. PCBs have been shown to be extremely carcinogenic in humans.

(2) Less noxious wastes, i.e. Fertilizer runoff from commercial agriculture, put too much nutrients into the water, causing an algal and/or bacterial bloom that sucks up all the available O2 dissolved in the water, killing off other aquatic life such as fish. There is a huge and famous ‘dead area’ in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico that is the result of all the sewage and agricultural runoff coming out of the Mississippi River.

(3) Let’s talk Chernobyl. The people downwind from the Chernobyl power plant were dosed with a layer of radioactive particles, which they inhaled and ingested. People in Bulgaria are dying of cancer at younger ages and in higher numbers as a result.

(4) Acid rain. There is a bridge in Nitro, WV, that they have to paint just about every year because the rain in the area is so acidic that it literally eats the paint away. You can see darker blue streaks running down from each rivet head, where the rivet deflects the rainwater runoff and a very pale blue everywhere else. The capitol dome in Charleston WV used to be covered in gold leaf. Some bright young fellow reckoned they could salvage that gold leaf and replace it with gold paint and put money back into the state coffers. Within five years, they figured out that the acid rain ate the paint away so rapidly that they decided to put the gold leaf back on as a cost saving measure. The Charleston-Nitro area is home to a huge array of chemical factories.

(5) The acid rain isn’t confined to near the chemical factories. It results also from coal fired power plants emitting sulfur dioxide and other nasties into the air. Acid rain has caused immense damage to ecosystems everywhere. Lichens are a good indicator; they seem to be among the first to die out. Even thirty years back, there was evidence of lichen die-off even on the tops of mountains in the continental USA. Many other plants are affected, including rain forests.

(6) Specific compounds affect specific species in which we have an interest. Case in point: copper is very toxic to oysters. Copper is used in many formulations, including insecticides and herbicides that are used on commercial crops. The oyster industry is very concerned. Copper is toxic to other marine species as well.

(7) Lead causes dementia. This is a well documented area. We have outlawed the use of lead compounds in paint because infants ate the peeling paint. I know of one such person; he is 23 years old and has a mentality of about a 7 year old. We required that lead be removed from gasoline because it was polluting the air and being inhaled by people. The people who live in areas around old refineries and paint factories have actually had their soil hauled away by the government and replaced with non-toxic soil.

I could write on this topic all day. Do some googling and you will find a lot more. In particular look at Mexico City and Lima, Peru – lots of interesting stuff in the atmosphere and water there.

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