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James asks…

Is Galveston Texas on the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico?

According to Google Maps, it’s on the Atlantic Ocean. Is the Gulf of Mexico part of the Atlantic Ocean?

Tijuana answers:

Its on the Gulf of Mexico. Ocean Currents come from the south, that is, the Caribbean Sea, and flow through the Gulf of Mexico, past Galveston, all along the Gulf Coast and then out to the Atlantic. Technically, the gulf is a part of the Atlantic, in that it is contiguous with the rest of the world’s salt water ocean, but it is distinguished as a gulf in that it is surrounded on 3 sides by the North and Central American landmasses.

Nancy asks…

How would you get from Loveland, Colorado to Las Vegas, New Mexico?

Would I have to take like three buses and a train or something? Google maps is not helping at all. I know how to get there by car but I can’t legally drive. All the help is appreciated.

Tijuana answers:

You can take Greyhound from Ft Collins to Denver, transfer to a bus to Walsenburg, CO where you change to a bus to Raton, NM at the Amtrak station. Catch a train from there to Las Vegas, NM. Http://

Lizzie asks…

Help with time?!? How long does it take to drive from Silver City, New Mexico to San Diego,California?

My future hubby is coming to pick me up from my parents house and he’s in New Mexico visiting family. So I want to know what the estimated time would be stopping to get gas every now and than for his truck but just to get gas. Anyone have a right time?

Tijuana answers:

Distance from Silver City to San Diego

Silver City, NM
607 mi (about 8 hours 50 mins)

1.Head south on N Cooper St toward Black St1.0 mi
2.Slight left onto Ridge Rd427 ft
3.Turn right onto NM-90 E40.7 mi
4.Turn left onto US-70 E/Duncan Hwy2.2 mi
5.Take the exit toward Interstate 10 W/Tucson0.1 mi
6.Turn right onto W Motel Dr1.7 mi
7.Take the ramp onto I-10 W
Entering Arizona
213 mi
8.Take exit 199 to merge onto I-8 W toward San Diego
Entering California
336 mi
9.Take exit 14A for CA-125 N toward CA-94 S0.2 mi
10.Keep left at the fork, follow signs for CA-125 S and merge onto CA-125 S2.3 mi
11.Take exit 15 on the left to merge onto CA-94 W/Martin Luther King Jr Fwy8.3 mi
12.Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Balboa Park/Downtown/M L King Jr Fwy/CA-94 and merge onto F St1.0 mi
13.Turn right onto 7th Ave0.1 mi
14.Take the 2nd right onto Broadway276 ft
15.Take the 1st right onto 8th Ave89 ft
16.Turn left312 ft
San Diego, CA

Map data ©2012 Google, INEGI

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