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Google Mexico Maps

Donna asks…

How to get from New Jersey to Mexico.?

Me and my wife have been to Mexico many times. We have never driven but want to. We are trying to find the most direct route from where we live, New Jersey, to Nuevo Vallarta Mexico. Can someone please provide us with directions or a website that can give us directions. (We have already tried map quest, and Google Maps, but they only provide directions for the US. No out of country directions. Please help us
We live in Manchester, NJ
And we are tired of flying, we fly numerous times a year to go to Mexico.

Tijuana answers:

The quickest way would be to go through major cities. Head from Jersey to San Antonio and from there to Laredo Texas and from there cross the border and on to Monterrey Mexico where you will probably want to rest before your next journey, San Luis Potosi. When you get there take another rest and then head west to Guadalajara where you might spend the night again. From Guadalajara its only 4 hours to Nuevo Vallarta. Good Luck!

Ruth asks…

How to go from Mexico City to Chichen Itza in Mexico?

My flight will touchdown in Mexico City. According to google map, the distance will be around 1400++km to Chitchen Itza (Mayan Heritage) in Yucatan. Am looking for bus. is there any?

Tijuana answers:

There are many buses that go to Cancun, then shuttles that go to Chichen Itza. At the airport in Mexico City , there is an ADO bus station right inside the airport.. ADO is one of the very nice bus lines. They will have buses going to Cancun, probably several times a day. If there is not a bus at the right time from that station, take a taxi to the TAPO station and there will be from there. There is also a hotel right across the walkway from the ADO station if you need to stay overnite and leave in the morning. Very long ride, but Mexican buses are very nice. EDIT: the bus fare on ADO from Mexico City to Merida is 1558 pesos…Which is $119.00 usd. The fare to Cancun is 1518 pesos, which is $116 usd.

Charles asks…

How many hours/driving does it generally take to drive from New Mexico to MN?

I’m just looking for an estimated travel time, by 11 hour per day of driving between the two states.

Tijuana answers:

Google maps, New Mexico to MN, about 22 hours windshield time, 11 hours a day, plus rest/food/fuel stops. You can do it to days, 6am – 7pm.

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