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Google Mexico Maps

Joseph asks…

Would it be dangerous if i drove from Los angeles,California down to Panama?

I don’t know why but i just got this idea to drive down to Panama City , Panama during the summer. Well first of all i checked on Google maps and apparently it is possible to do such a thing but i want to know if anyone has actually done it before and if it is a good idea. I want the public’s opinion on this. Because it would be an amazing travel experience.

Tijuana answers:

I did it solo on a motorcycle in 2009. People do it all the time.

If ‘dangerous’ means violent crime to you, then it’s not dangerous at all, with the exception of border states in Mexico, and Morelia, and a couple other hotspots.

However, roads and driving rules are quite a bit different than what you’re used to in America. You have to drive a little bit more aggressively, be prepared for people who will drive a LOT more aggressively, even on curvy, poorly maintained mountain roads with blind curves. So, there is quite a bit of danger inherent in the driving part of it. (My trip ended under a bus in Panama. It was sheer blind luck that I walked away with nothing more than a scratch on my elbow.)

All in all, I loved the trip, and plan to try again someday with a better outcome. (I was headed all the way to Argentina.) There is lots to do and see on the way. I recommend taking your time. (I spent 6 weeks in Mexico alone.) But lots of people do a dash down there. That speed trip is a waste of time in my opinion. Much better to see the interesting things along the way.

George asks…

Where can I view topography maps online for free?

I’m interesting in viewing very accurate topography maps not simple topo maps like the ones on google or yahoo maps.
Im looking for topo maps that show as much details. With many contour lines.

Tijuana answers:

Really depends on where in Mexico you are looking

Geographical Information Systems Resources for a wide range of applications.

From Our GPS compatible maps to Vehicle Tracking to Custom GPS Mapping solutions.


Chris asks…

How many hours would it be from Austin, Tx to Sanluis Potosi, Mx on plane?

im going to SanLuis Potosi, Mexico in the summer and i don’t want to go on bus so plane sounds better. How long and costs? please and thanks for everything! 🙂

Tijuana answers:

I suggest you speak with a local travel agent, such as, Accent Travel, at either their north or south locations,+Travis,+Texas&t=m&z=11

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