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Google Mexico Maps

George asks…

How long would it take to travel the US in a caravan? anyone done it before?

Here is a map I planned out. Its basically a rough idea on where i want to go.,+NY,+United+States&daddr=New+Hampshire,+United+States+to:Seattle,+WA,+United+States+to:37.7859687,-122.3910295+to:California,+United+States+to:32.7117519,-117.1477462+to:Las+Vegas,+NV,+United+States+to:Tucson,+AZ,+United+States+to:New+Mexico,+United+States+to:Dallas,+TX,+United+States+to:Mississippi+State+University,+MS,+United+States+to:Miami,+FL,+United+States+to:New+York,+NY,+United+States&hl=en&ll=32.842674,-96.503906&spn=50.130853,93.076172&sll=34.052659,-108.479004&sspn=12.600733,23.269043&geocode=FXFAbQIdK8KW-yk7CD_TpU_CiTFi_nfhBo8LyA%3BFfwVkwIdVeS7-ynrpsCdS0SzTDHrgKYlrwLI1w%3BFcJp1gIdWVy1-ClVM-iTLBCQVDGa1URpRmUlEA%3BFXCRQAIdC3a0-CnlkS8beoCFgDHQEu8JtNlaPg%3BFRUxMQIdtNPh-Ck9Xihf_rmPgDFVbwgnoglRiw%3BFUck8wEdnncE-SmpdSXQYFPZgDFK7W8RXh0AfQ%3BFdYQJwIdMJoi-SnRffWkgre-gDGjebPV5tXMOg%3BFS-q6wEdcWVj-Skr7SwLQWXWhjEVxxZNOC3Dcw%3BFYS7DgId9oyw-SmpUpjnQ1AYhzG6njVjGm6_Rg%3BFWwv9AEdPfE6-ilLl0V79xlMhjGPZ0f2pJvsuQ%3BFah9_gEdjSq1-inbUmL3SjWBiDE8f9bAkTLM8g%3BFSmCiQEdedc3-ykRwcgOorDZiDFlT63dcfKW_w%3BFXFAbQIdK8KW-yk7CD_TpU_CiTFi_nfhBo8LyA&oq=New+York&mra=dpe&via=3,5&t=m&z=4

Tijuana answers:

Google’s estimate of 140 hours of driving seems about right. Assuming you drive 8 hours a day, that’s 17 days on the road, so if you want to see anything other than interstate highways and fast food truck stops, I wouldn’t try and do it in less than two months.

You can stay up to 90 days without a visa, so I’d plan for about 85 days, leaving a few days slack in case of breakdowns or other problems.

Sandra asks…

Please tell me about the Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico, what time of year does it occur and what causes it?

How can it be prevented, what time of year does it occur and what causes this? (The Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico)
I am to have a huge discussion about this tomorrow and any interesting and important information about this you can tell me would be extremely helpful, thanks!

Tijuana answers:

The dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico is an area within the northern Gulf of Mexico in which the bottom water contains less than 2 parts per million of dissolved oxygen. This is a condition called “hypoxia”. The low concentration of dissolved oxygen cause fish and and other organisms to suffocate from lack of oxygen. Those organisms that can swim out of the dead zone will move out of it. Those organisms, which cannot move out of the dead zone, can ultimately die. The Dead Zone is most pronounced during the summer. The maximum extent of the Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico was 22,000 square kilometers in 2002. Between 2004 and 2008, it averaged about 17,000 square kilometers in area, the size of Lake Ontario.

According to the United States Geological Survey:

“Hypoxia is believed to be caused primarily by excess nutrients delivered
from the Mississippi River in combination with seasonal stratification of
Gulf waters. Excess nutrients promote algal and attendant zooplankton
growth. The associated organic matter sinks to the bottom where it decomposes,
consuming available oxygen. Stratification of fresh and saline waters
prevents oxygen replenishment by mixing of oxygen-rich surface water
with oxygen-depleted bottom water.”

For more information about the Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone, do a Google search for “hypoxia” and “Gulf of Mexico”.

Some online sources of information about the Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone are:

The Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone (includes map of Dead Zone)

Agricultural Impacts in the Gulf of Mexico

How the (Gulf of Mexico) Dead Zone Forms

USGS Hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico Studies


Gulf Of Mexico Hypoxia Watch (includes map of dead zone)

Dead zone (ecology)

USGS Publications on Nutrients in the Mississippi River Basin
and Hypoxia (Dead Zone) in the Gulf of Mexico

Linda asks…

What’s the best way to get from Colorado Springs to San Antonio? Also is US 87 a two lane road or a four lan?

I am going to be driving from Colorado Springs to San Antonio in January. Mapquest is telling me to go through New Mexico on US 87 but I’m worried about it being only two lanes and getting stuck behind a tractor or something.

Tijuana answers:

It’s 4 lanes US 87 is also interstate I27 Try google maps

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