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Google Mexico Maps

Mandy asks…

Where can I find driving directions from San Francisco, California to Buenos Aires, Argentina?

A friend of mine is going to Argentina, and although he has already decided to fly, I thought it would be interesting to see how to get there by car. I tried both Yahoo! and Google Maps, but neither of those sites could give me directions (in fact they did not even give directions to Mexico City. Mapquest did not give an option be to put in another country.

Does anyone know of an international map website that could give directions, or does anyone know someone who has driven from North America to South America?
If someone has been able to get directions from Mapquest could you paste them in your answer — I could only get directions for travel within the US or within Europe on Mapquest.
If it is not possible could you tell me two neighboring countries that you cannot drive between — from a regular map (not a roadmap) it looks like it should be possible.

Tijuana answers:

It seems reasonable that you could drive if you could cross each border into the next country with your United States passport.

Quality or existence of roads is likely to be troublesome as well. I know you can drive into Mexico, but interstates are not a reality in all the countries you would be passing through. Paved roads are not a priority in countries where automobiles are not the obsession or need that they are here.

Having said that, if you speak Spanish, Portuguese and a variety of Indian dialects, or can communicate in other ways, it sounds like an adventure of a lifetime,

Sorry, I couldn’t help with a route!

Jenny asks…

Does anyone have a link to a map of India displaying rural/urban areas?

Hi People

I have searched and searched for this but cannot find anything on Google Images; can someone please provide me with an image of a map of:


and if possible but please please please don’t waste your time searching

Mexico and Brazil

showing where the rural and urban land is.

It is for an essay I am doing in Geography right now and would really benefit it.

Thank you very much,


Tijuana answers:

Try Google Earth.

Mark asks…

Would archaeologists like to discover a thousand year history of native Americans?

All nicely translated? (google; Book of Mormon)

Tijuana answers:

They might, if they didn’t also have to believe in angels. Say the word angel, and their minds grind to a halt. Charles Anthon was excited until he heard the word “angel”.

90% of the Book of Mormon takes place in America near a narrow neck of land. The authors were members of a society which lasted for 1000 years and died out about 400 AD. They were known as Nephites. There is no reason to look North of Mexico for a narrow neck of land, nor to assume that the natives indigenous to the United States would have any record of the Nephites. Two choices are the most likely candidates for a narrow neck of land; the Isthmus of Tehuantepec and the Isthmus of Panama. It is there where any serious student of the Book of Mormon should look for corroboration.

Is it there where many elements of the Book of Mormon have been discovered, including jungles filled with poisonous snakes, towers, temples, thrones, highways, huge cities filled with large populations of people, a written language, wars, calamities, cities sunk into lakes, cities sunk under the ocean, the abundance of gold, silver, and copper, as well as the technology to build with cement and make hardened copper tools. Hundreds of stella have been found, and the Mayan language translated, but no books have been found. Much of their history has been lost through the progression of time. Yet from what little has been found, many of the assertions made by the Book of Mormon have been corroborated as plausible; others have been verified.

By the way, another 9% of the Book of Mormon deals with the immigration of Lehi across the Arabian wilderness. Every step of his journey has been traced, and the geographic features which he described have been found. In fact, everything described has been proven to be plausible, and shows a knowledge that only someone who had been there would know. Features not found on any map in the day of Joseph Smith are correctly described in the Book of Mormon.

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