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Google Mexico Maps

Chris asks…

Where can I find driving directions from San Francisco, California to Buenos Aires, Argentina?

A friend of mine is going to Argentina, and although he has already decided to fly, I thought it would be interesting to see how to get there by car. I tried both Yahoo! and Google Maps, but neither of those sites could give me directions (in fact they did not even give directions to Mexico City. Mapquest did not give an option be to put in another country.

Does anyone know of an international map website that could give directions, or does anyone know someone who has driven from North America to South America?
Thanks for the responses. Mapquest only seems to give directions for travel within the US or within Europe. Rand Mcnally only seems to work for directions within the US.
I would love to know a source for info about the drive from Tierra del Fuego to Point Barrow, Alaska!!!

I did not know there are roads in northern Alaska, but I could be wrong. I would be happy just knowing how they got from Buenos Aires to Fairbanks!
I did once see a TV show about a drive from Bejing to Paris, but neither Google or Yahoo! can do this either =(

Tijuana answers:

You’re going to have a problem driving it because of the Darien Gap, which is a missing segment of the Pan-American highway about 100 miles long.

Donna asks…

How to lookup an international address?

I am moving into an apartment in Mexico and need to lookup the address but it doesn’t come up on googlemaps, any suggestions??

Tijuana answers:

Look for it in other systems like mapquest.

You could try but this could work online for just a few cities.

Now is the address in mexico city or some where else in the whole country.

In google maps in the map version has most of the neighborhoods called “colonia” which is helpful.

If the addresse include the letters PTE, OTE, NTE, SUR, means PTE poniente (literaly setting in this case refering to the sunset)= or simply west and OTE oriente (literaly orient) = east. NTE norte= north and finaly SUR =south.

Now every city have two streets that devide the city into four quadrants north-east and east-west.

The address you have been given should narrow the search.

If you could would also suggest and I THINK IS THE BEST ask for a reference. What would be near. This because you should have contacted someone who gave you the address….

Helen asks…

can you please give the latitude and longitude of the northern tip madagascar?

1. Where the Tropic of Capricorn crosses the west coast of Australia?
2. Where the Tropic of cancer crosses the east coast of Mexico

Tijuana answers:

Northern Tip of Madagascar . 11.953349 South , 49.252853 East

Go to Google Maps. Center the Map on the location you want.
Right Click on the spot and select “Whats Here” from the pop up menu.

The Latitude and Longitude will be displayed in the search window, above the Map.

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