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Google Mexico Maps

Sharon asks…

where can i get driving directions from the US to Mexico?

I have tried mapquest and expedia but there only directions for north america AND europe i need to get directions from indiana to morelia michoacan mexico. if anybody knows a website where i can search it i’d appreciate it . THANK YOU!

Tijuana answers:

Here is the best online link.

If you have not yet noticed Google does not have road maps for Mexico , like Bing does

Carol asks…

How long is the drive from san diego to palm springs?

We are from mexico. Flying to san diego. We are going to Coachella festival, and staying in palm springs. Any tips?.. We also would like to go shopping one morning. Any good outlets?? Thanks for the helpful info!

Tijuana answers:

Hi there,three routes on this you cursor over suggested routes,-95.677068&sspn=18.613243,35.507812&ie=UTF8&ll=33.573438,-117.169189&spn=1.217411,2.219238&z=8&saddr=san+diego&daddr=palm+springs%3F

scroll down the left hand side for info ,click on the letters on the maps for more ..

Coachella festival, info.

shopping malls.


restaurents around palm springs.

attractions and things to do..

regards pops..

Mandy asks…

Is it possible to drive from La Paz, Mexico to Santiago, Chile using the Pan-American highway?

how come no directions show up on google maps?
ur wrong my friend. i can take mexican federal route 1 to tijuana but i dont know where to go from there

Tijuana answers:

No. Two problems. One, you need to take a ferry from Baja California (where La Paz is located) to the mainland of Mexico.

Second problem is that the road ends south of Panama City at the Darien Gap and does not start again for about 150 miles inside Columbia.

The Darien Gap is thick jungle and is full of very nasty freedom fighters. Many people have ventured into the jungle there never to be seen or heard from again.

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