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Google Mexico Maps

Daniel asks…

How do I calculate the miles for an international road trip?

I’m planning a road trip to oaxaca, mexico soon. How do I calculate the miles and the fuel cost? The vehicle would be a suv.

Tijuana answers:

To find the total distance, go to Google map, select “get directions” and put in the 2 addresses for departure and destination. You will get the total number of miles.

Right after you put gas in your car next time, note down the mileage. Then write down the mileage again the following time. Minus the mileage of the previous time from the current one so you know the no. Of miles you ran before you gas your car. Divide the no. O f miles with the gallons you put in the 2nd time, you have an idea of miles per gallon.

Divide the total distance of your trip with miles per gallon, you know how many gallons of gas you’d need to make a single trip, multiply by 2 if you need to return on the same route.

Multiply the total number of gallons of gas you’d need with average cost of gas and you know about how much you need for gas. You have to find out how much gas cost in Mexico to be accurate. I think they go by how much per liter, not per gallon.

Charles asks…

What district/zone/or area of Mexico City is the Historical center in?

I don’t know what they are called in Mexico, whether it’s district, zone, or area, but i hope you guys know what i mean.

Tijuana answers:

The Historical Center is a direct, but poor, translation to English from the Spanish centro histórico which means “historical dowtown.” The Historical downtown area of Mexico City is the central plaza, called “el Zócalo” and several blocks radiating outward to the west, north and south.
If you go to google maps and type in centro historico ciudad de mexico it will take you straight to it – mapwise.
Any other historical area is simply called “zona histórica.” The more important cities in Mexico are all beginning to call their downtown areas “centro histórico.”

Sandy asks…

Where can I exchange Mexican money to American in Chicago?

My mom went on vacation to Mexico with her boyfriend and got some money and brought it back over here. She wants to exchange it because she knows that shes never going back. Help please?

Tijuana answers:

Call your bank’s customer service number for a convenient and probably the cheapest conversion rate.

American Express will convert your pesos. Most currency exchanges will convert pesos to dollars. A conversion rate will be charged. Call first to find the best:

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